Getting slipstream images to work..

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Getting slipstream images to work..

Post by Qlueless » Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:12 am

I want to get all of my install cd/dvd's slip streamed to have all updates, and driver packs in the disk.

Right now I have a PILE of disks that I have burned, and none of them work correctly... BANG HEAD ON WALL

I am using nLite with a Dell Windows XP Home SP2 disk for the trail run.. once I get that one working I have a crap load more that I will make.

I run nLite and have it slipstream in SP3, then have it add all of the driver packs, and updates, but everytime that try to use the DVD I get all sorts of errors, and one the install completes it does have SP3 installed (not sure of other updates, have not tested) but none of the drivers are "plugged", when I have windows search the DVD for drivers it's unable to find any of the drivers.

Can someone PLEASE give some insight on what might be going wrong..

Current errors:
in the TXTSETUP file I normally end up with a line that has Setup,2.exe. I have attempted removing the line, and get errors, and I have also removed the comma, and also got errors.
during install it says the following files are missing

I was under the impression that if I did this windows would be almost fully up to date, and it would also have 99% of the drivers plugged once the install is complete.. is this correct?

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Post by 5eraph » Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:11 pm

First, allow me to suggest testing unburned DVD ISOs in a virtual machine like VirtualBox or VMware Server 1.0.10. If you're forced to test on real hardware often then rewritable discs are a very good investment.

What changes have you made to your source, and in what order were they made? Please be very specific.

It is safest to always start with an unmodified source, and to use nLite only once on that source. Also, the DriverPacks and nLite make changes to the same setup files. When used together, nLite must be first and the DriverPacks must be last. Then the ISO should be created and tested.

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Post by Qlueless » Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:03 am

All right I finally got a little time to work on this, along with getting a WSUS server running, so the clients can pull updates from it..

Anyway I used the same Dell XP Home SP2 disk, and nLite.
used a fresh folder
had nlite copy over the SP2 disk, add the SP3 and burn.
did a test install ,and everything worked fine.

Tomorrow I will crate a SP3 folder, and then have it add the update packs, and attempt an install with that.

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