[Trick] How to integrate and compile iso - all unattended

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[Trick] How to integrate and compile iso - all unattended

Post by Siginet » Wed Feb 22, 2006 1:26 pm

How to integrate and compile iso - all unattended

Here's a trick that I think everyone will like. ;)

1. Open the integrator like you would normally.
2. Select all of the options in the "Main" tab that you normally would.
3. Click on the "Make ISO" tab.
4. Choose the location for the finished ISO, the location of the boot loader file to use, type a name for the label, and the ISO tool options (if needed).
5. Now go to the "Advanced" tab and place a check in "Enable Advanced Options" and "Run a Program After Integration".
6. Browse and select the integrators executable (RVM_Integrator_v1.1.exe).
7. In the "Enter Parameters..." box put the path and name to your settings file (that you are going to save later). and /iso as the second parameter.

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"path\to\my\settings\file\custom.ini" /iso
8. Go back to the "Main" tab and click on "Save Settings".
9. Save your custom settings file in the same place that you indicated in step 7.
10. Now click the "Integrate" button and watch the integrator do the rest.

Next time you want to make the iso fully unattendedly just "Load" your custom settings file and hit the integrate button. ;)

The new "Run a Program After Integration" option is very powerful! You can use it for running anything after integration. It was created with Windows XP PowerPacker in mind so that you can create multiboot disks unattendedly... but it can also be used to call other programs like custom batch files, XPize, or even NLite! Anything that utalizes unattended parameters can be useful to the integrator. ;)

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Post by Wesmosis » Tue Feb 28, 2006 2:06 am

thanx siginet for the tutorial

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Post by Ghostrider » Tue Feb 28, 2006 11:28 pm

I know i already posted a version of this over at MSFN but seeing as you brought up the subject here Siginet i thought some others may find this method useful. Of course it's using both your tools and together they work great... There is a bit of a preparation process but once done recreating a multiboot DVD is simplicity.

So here goes.... 1st make ISO images of XP Home, Pro, Retail, OEM & Corp SP2 and save them into C:\Isoimages (save using this format XPHOEMSP2ORIG.ISO, XPPRETSP2ORIG.ISO etc. You should have 5 images)

Next, install Daemon tools (if not already installed) then Tweakui, configure Tweakui not to autorun images.

Now create folder C:\CDROOT create subfolders called \Driverpacks \Powerpack, \Source, \Source\$OEM$ \Source\Replace (home, Pro and Corp) \End, and \Programs\Install then extract the Multiboot.zip into Powerpack. Copy integrator, powerpacker executables, RVMupdate and required addons into Powerpacker. Extraxt BTS driverpack base directly into CDROOT. Copy all driverpacks you want to use into \Driverpacks folder, if used, also copy all $OEM$ into the source folder

I have also created different winntbbu.dl_ files for each XP version so these have been placed in the source\replace home\pro and corp folders respectively and the copy command added to the integrateXP bat files, you can of course remove this command.

Place any post install programs into \programs\install or if you dont use this method then ignore this bit.

Ok, now you start integrator 1.1 and select the xphoem.ini, xppret.ini etc, select your settings and addon packs and resave each in turn

If you need to make changes to the powerpacker settings then type this into start\run C:\CDROOT\PowerPack\PowerPacker_v1.0RC7.1.exe xppoempp.ini, change the xppoempp.ini to match the other *pp.ini files in the Powerpack folder for each version and resave
P.S the xcopy entries are for custom splash.csi, cdshell.ini and due to a intermittent bug in Powerpacker i have to copy the WIN51IP files to the root of the DVD folder.

Run the BTS slipstream to create the UWXPCD_ROOT folder and then use Siginets tip to make the Run_Me unnattended

Lastly, the process becomes totally unnattended and on a fast computer takes about 5 hours to do the whole DVD. The sequence always starts with integrateXPHOEM.bat, integrateXPPOEM.bat then PowerpackXPHOEM.bat and PowerpackXPPOEM.bat then goes to integrateXPHRET.bat, integrateXPPRET.bat to PowerpackXPHRET.bat and PowerpackXPPRET.bat finishing with integrate and powerpack of XPCorp.

The finished DVD iso is saved into the root of C

There..... Clear as Mud... :rolleyes: Give me a shout if you need help.. Here is the link to the Zip file

ftp://MsfnRyanVM:MsfnRyanVM@ftp.pc-know ... ootDVD.zip

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