Success! -- and a question about services

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Success! -- and a question about services

Post by Zosimos » Tue May 22, 2007 7:13 pm

Well, after 'getting ready' for weeks I have finally gone and done it. I installed my new drive and used the slipstreamed update to install Windows XP Home Edition. The actual install went quite smoothly, and yes it did save me a huge amount of downloading updates. Unfortunately, one of the updates waiting for me was that blasted 'Cumulative Security Update' for IE that is cutting so many people off from their network connections. I had to use System Restore to recover! (On my first full day of running Win XP, yet...)

I am working towards customizing XP to suit myself. The gaudy default interface mode was the first thing to go, of course. Windows 'classic' is so much more calm and business-like. Let the 5-year-olds learning about computers use the 'XP' mode. One of the things I have done is gone through the system services, using the Elder Geek page as a guide.( so as to slim down my system and also make it more secure. It was quite surprising to find many of the services were already set to what he recommends there instead of what the page claims are the defaults. But also a few were completely missing and a few were present that are not mentioned. It's been years since SP2, so I am presuming he had plenty of time to update his pages. Were these changes also made in the RyanVM update pack? Did MS updates make such changes or is this 'independent' judgment? What other differences are there between a default XP SP2 install and one slipstreamed with the update pack?

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Post by ENU_user » Tue May 22, 2007 8:45 pm

Elder Geek page contains some services info since sp1 and pulled from which is more updated
ms has update how very few services start since sp2, the update pack of course contains newer files which are taken from windows update, windows xp updates and of course all security related updates so finally all this should give you a more stable system ..

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