[RELEASE] Updated Update Pack

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[RELEASE] Updated Update Pack

Post by DizzyDen » Sun Oct 07, 2007 10:37 am

I have taken Ryan's latest UpdatePack and Code64k's AddonPack and updated into one UpdatePack.

The reason for me to do this is to result in a smaller footprint by eliminating the obsolete hotfixes.

I also implemented the more recent hotfixes (specific to WMP 9, so integrate WMP 10 or 11 AFTER this update pack).

I updated the registery value for Code64k's MRT Stub so MRT will not show as an update.

I hope that my use of previous work is ok, and I will gladly remove any work by anyone other than myself at their request.

This is intended as a compliment to all the hard work put in by everyone involved in creating this awesome work.

You can download it here:
MODERATOR EDIT: Link suspended. (RapidShare link)
Size: 43.7 MB (45,858,727 bytes)
MD5 Hash: 113C8126F7314F8C6F7E64B246D664E5
SHA1 Hash: 2C91F8F3D828170D70EBEE794BF179352DD2F030
CRC-32: 9BA750C7
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Post by 5eraph » Sun Oct 07, 2007 11:10 am

Ryan's permission is required before posting derivative works.
RyanVM wrote:...please do not modify and/or redistribute any of the files on this site without first getting my consent to do so.