Update Packers Help Required Please.

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Update Packers Help Required Please.

Post by Darkprophecy » Wed Aug 20, 2008 6:06 am

Ok so after writting my thread that took me like 45 minutes to write i tried to submit it only to be greeted by the log on screen even though i was logged in :cry: So here goes again...

Ok for over a week now the only way i have been able to use to install windows xp home oem was to use cd then manually install service packs and hotfixes which everyone knows takes zomg amount of time. A friend told me about ryans integrator. No soon as i tried it i got quite hooked and started trying out updat packs and addons. I have had no problems as such but found my self wanting to learn how this is all done. I have read and re-read tons of threads posts and downloaded a lot of software to play with and experiment. Its been fun but given me a headache lol.

I have currently XPHOMESP2 disk which i have used the integrator to slipstream SP3 with no problems what so ever. Thanks for that btw.

I have discovered an Post SP3 pack OnePiece_Windows_XP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_v1.4.3_ENU.7z

Which also went on with no problems that i could see.

My windows update shows these KB's Still
KB95383 Internet Explorer7 update
KB890830 M-Software Removal Tool
KB951066 Outlook Express update
KB955305 Silverlight update

Ok so here is the question:
Could anyone explain to me step by step how to either:
1> add these to the update pack i already have listed above?

2> Show me a step by step guide on how to create my own update pack using 2 hotfixes above so that i can play with them and learn from them. as sifting through all the guides and programs i got has just overwhelmed me.

I realsie this is a tall order and prolly does not have a quick answer unless its go away newb:P

Any help appreciated /respect to all the guys out there and there software creators:p

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