DotNet Question

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DotNet Question

Post by DirtyTodd » Fri Feb 18, 2011 2:27 am

Hello Friends,

I tried to search the forum to make my own dotnet complete true addon pack

which includes
all the patches till date
but I didn't came any thinf that could help me out some are till v3.5 and some doesn't include v1.1

Please help to make my own addon ....

I know I can have all the updates till cate using Onepiece Psot SP3 pack but I want to create my own...
I have made seprate
DirectX addon upto date
WMP11 Addon + patches
IE8 addon + Patches

addon for all the hot fixes
now I want to work upon dotnet....but I am not getting any idea where to start....I just want a hint from where should I start...

Or can any one help me making and update addon from the files that I get from Autopatcher... :oops:

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