Yes again......bout Languagepack translation

Creating a translated version of the update pack? Talk about it here.
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Yes again......bout Languagepack translation

Post by tresans » Tue Jul 11, 2006 5:14 pm

Hi all

Please explain me how to make a
Dont tell me to look for it cause I did.

1) I have downloaded the KBxxxxxx hotfixes.
2) Extracted these with the command KBxxxxxx.exe /x
3) Transformed the .CAT file into .CA_ with makecab
4) I read on the forum change the builddate and ckecksum,but dont know where to change this ?

Please m8s,I already checked this forum about this all

For example:

I downloaded and extracted KB834707,now I have 3 folders and 2 files in it.
I open the UPDATE folder and makecab and now I have KB834707.ca_ of 6kb.

Till here it goes good but know Im stuck . (help me.....dont have much hairs left)



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Post by webmaniac » Tue Nov 21, 2006 11:21 am

try and study some of the UpdatePack's you have to study enteries.ini and RVMUpPck.inf in the RyanVM UpdatePack This is how i made my updatepack in danish ..

Good luck

Ohh and by the way you don't have to use makecab for the .cat files, if you do it right in the enteries.ini file the RVM Integrator does this option for you .. preety nice :D
Just learning so bare with me ..
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