Spanish Update Pack

Creating a translated version of the update pack? Talk about it here.
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Spanish Update Pack

Post by RaGhul » Sat Feb 17, 2007 5:33 am

Hi, guys.

Desperately wanting to make a Spanish Update Pack. I got all the Hotfixes using jcarle's WUD. I added 'em with nLite, but geez, it's HUGE. Using RVM and Integrator makes everything all nice 'n' tidy.

I've seen other attempts to make a general tutorial, but not too much has seemed to come of it.

I've PM'ed some of you out there (you know who you are), but seems like only Ryan and a handful of others know how to make this thing.

I think I got the CAT files thing figured out: Just install Spanish XP SP2, then install the hotfixes, and the cat files show up in system32\CatRoot... easy enough.

What else?

How do I know what parts of Ryan's pack should be the same for ALL languages, and therefore don't need to be altered? (Or do they?)

Sure, I could just use nlite. But I wanna cut out the bloat.
...and contribute, too.

Thx, guys!