Windows XP SP3 (build 3244) UpdatePack

Windows XP Professional Update Pack discussion.
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Windows XP SP3 (build 3244) UpdatePack

Post by DizzyDen » Tue Nov 27, 2007 5:37 am

Windows XP SP3 (build 3244) UpdatePack 07.11.26
  • 2007 November 26 v07.11.26
    MD5: 060D68EBFE306418AB6EB6F9D1CD2062
    Size: 1.21 MB (1,276,314 bytes)
  • This UpdatePack was inspired by ricktendo64's forging ahead with WindowsXP SP3 UpdatePacks.

    Like all UpdatePacks, this one is based on the work of the RyanVM UpdatePack.

    I would also add credit to everyone posting on the forums, this sharing of information is what makes things possible.
  • QFE Check
    Microsoft Update 7.0.6000.381
    Windows Genuine Advantage
    MRT November Signature (MRT stubbed a new way)
  • IIS files are included for those that use nLite to remove IIS but wish to keep Network Components Wizard (for this to work, the UpdatePack must be ran after nLite, running nLite with the setting to remove IIS after the UpdatePack will remove these files)

    MRT has been stubbed by including the registery entries and including a mrt.reg file to delete the value in the Version key in the registery. To enable downloading the current MRT simply type mrt.reg in the run box then go to MS Updates.

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2007 November 26 
	Initial release ready for public distribution.
Windows XP SP3 (build 3244) UpdatePack 07.11.26
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