Integration issues

Windows XP Professional Update Pack discussion.
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Integration issues

Post by litemirrors » Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:36 pm

I run the following integration:

Stage 1:

DirectX_9.0c_End-User_Runtime_AddOn_0.6.0_-_redxii.7z MD5 9a29bc758733dbabf2bfc8ae8ded91c1
DotNetFx_All_In_1_Addon_v2.2.7z MD5 EC0EA923793A55EF35EF73E95AA4BB7B
OnePiece_IE7_WinXPSP3_v2.5.2_AddOn_ENU.7z MD5 91034FE9A0C94BC326AABC2B1B37A1FE
OnePiece_Windows_Media_Player_11_True_AddOn_v1.4.1_ENU.7z MD5 9FB7AD81B308BE81C248B3A41E608C33

Stage 2:

RVMUpdatePackSP3_1.0.2.7z MD5 CC2C254DB857C27128A5E1A700AA6A0B

Stage 3:

AIO_Aero_Theme_Addon_by_LUZR4LIFE.7z MD5 A8CC45CDE78DB72C5060F2D502886E20
AIO_Black_Theme_Addon_by_LUZR4LIFE.7z MD5 65BEE9BABDEBC5C35A076DF92492B876
AIO_Crystal_Theme_Addon_by_LUZR4LIFE.7z MD5 384E72F3BA6215497ED810591B19CED8
AIO_Inspirat_Theme_Addon_by_LUZR4LIFE.7z MD5 9C6CC7541E159EE1775E30BF2A05DAA6
AIO_Legends_Theme_Addon_by_LUZR4LIFE.7z MD5 0398F2715B0388885B160B03E3C5EAB8
AIO_Longhorn_Theme_Addon_by_LUZR4LIFE.7z MD5 9B918DBE18A592D63C6FD9BD1CF0557D
AIO_Luna_Theme_Addon_by_LUZR4LIFE.7z MD5 316D6C9C72519790DA8CDD15577E92B9
AIO_PLEX_Theme_Addon_by_LUZR4LIFE.7z MD5 0767E1531A085D6F7E23ED926B569BDF
AIO_Royale_and_Royal_Theme_Addon_by_LUZR4LIFE.7z MD5 BA9AB75B9F5081FD787568D3DC7AD01C
AIO_Slate_Theme_Addon_by_LUZR4LIFE.7z MD5 230A6F09C8CD50A8F4369C247C2F3919
AIO_Vista_Theme_Addon_by_LUZR4LIFE.7z MD5 5DA7AC4509BD17B99D031B3F130F4ABD
Kels_Runtimes_addon_v4.8.rar MD5 7CFD56E882DA1244675292D8E795D24E
NR_CursorsAIO_Addon_1.9.rar MD5 6965D8D75734A8BC942210ABAEDDB9FD
Rubabs_VistaLiveBlueAddOn.rar MD5 F53849D53E96FA218E3FEC5C47E78DA3
Rubabs_VistaLiveGreyAddOn.rar MD5 B8E540F5486F72337112A14143404BF6
Rubabs_VistaLiveRedAddOn.rar MD5 2D4A4932C243F817D2E4EA82D20B26B4 MD5 FB3CF39BC9186FC2D456DC324ED17996
Kels_CPLBonus_addon_v9.2.2.rar MD5 3813BB8886B2A9724C99D93DF29F5E8F

Stage 4:

PatchAddon_SFC_OS_v14.7z SHA1 BD88A3A9B64B96069BD323446C8B6DF6B5D17076
PatchAddon_TCPIP_250_v14d.7z SHA1 877EB0DFFE6515DFA1E4C83DD05A08498D3F3FB6
PatchAddon_UXTHEME_v14a.7z SHA1 92AA4642622FB1889083DB4137238035ECEFBC1F

Yet when windows finally loads I see no IE, no WMP, and actually it's pretty screwy because the cursors are gone too! I have managed to slipstream these however using Red's update pack, but I can't be sure RyanVM's post update is what causes the failure. Any ideas?

I'm going to try the OnePiece AiO update pack, maybe it'll work better?!

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Post by user_hidden » Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:44 pm

why don't you run this all in one integration ?

if anything the UpdatePack should be 1st if being done in steps.

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Post by litemirrors » Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:45 pm

Well I wasn't sure I could integrate them all at once, I haven't been around the forums for awhile and figured it would cause problems. I'm going to try a few things and we'll see if any of them works, I'll let you know.

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Post by crashfly » Sat Jan 03, 2009 4:29 pm

Just so you know, the 'Update pack' should always go first. The reason behind this, most any addons are typically based on the install having the "latest, greatest" updates. Being that you put four before the 'Update pack', most any if not all of the changes will be undone by the update. Besides, if any of those addons has more recent files, the 'Update pack' will more than likely either screw up those "latest files", or it will "downgrade" them to the 'Update pack'.

Therefore, the conclusion of this, any 'Update packs' should *always* go first. If you then do it in stages, all other addons and modifications can be done after to make your install CD complete.
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Post by litemirrors » Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:13 pm

I just used OnePieces full integration update, that worked. However for some reason unknown to me I still have an issue with ie7pro spell check in IE. It just doesn't show anything if I right-click a mis-spelled word. I think it may be related to his add-on for IE but can't be sure. Although this time I integrated almost nothing except his pack so maybe somehow it screws this up. Anyone else experience that?

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Post by ccl0 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:33 pm

his all-in-one isnt perfect. still has some bugs to work out

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Post by litemirrors » Mon Jan 05, 2009 1:11 am

You see those AiO theme packs by LUZR4LIFE? Well i didn't integrate those because I'd experienced an issue when going to add/remove programs, for the Black Gold theme (I think it was called that) I would get an error and see nothing. I am gonna try manually adding these and track it down.

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