.Net FW integration trouble - which AddOn packs to use?

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.Net FW integration trouble - which AddOn packs to use?

Post by theUtmost » Wed Jun 30, 2010 7:15 pm

Hi all
I am having "fun" with .Net framework integration, as a new RVMi user.

The end goal:
Integrate the following
  • XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack for Windows XP Post-SP3 - have chosen this pack as it seems to give a cleaner result and doesn't include some things I don't want

    IE8 + latest hotfixes
    WMP11 + latest hotfixes

    .Net Framework 1.1 SP1 + latest hotfixes
    .Net Framework 2.0 SP2 + latest hotfixes
    .Net Framework 3.0 SP2 + latest hotfixes
    .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 + latest hotfixes

    THEN to do a DriverPacks integration and create an ISO.
I thought I had a working setup, but I found that with the last .Net FW family updates pushed out by MS in June, those updates were repeatedly being offerred ad nauseum.
The updates seemed to install successfully, but were re-offerred continuously.

Prior (faulty) workflow:
  • 1) Clean WinXP SP3 source

    2) Use RVM_Integrator_1.6.1b2.1 to integrate:
    user_hidden XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack for Windows XP Post-SP3 +

    - I've deliberately stripped the version numbers there as I can't remember which versions specifically were used when I did the integration, but they were the "current" ones per April 2010.

    3) Integrate DriverPacks with, again current versions per April 2010 ("official" releases, not Nightlies).
The above workflow seemed to work ok, and all AddOn's seemed to have been integrated ok.
WU/MU didn't offer any updates, IE8 & WMP11 seemed to be working ok.
Until MS pushed out the .Net updates in June.
Then, I was being pestered to repeatedly install them.

I am resisting the urge to try the Onepiece XP Post-SP3 AIO Update Pack as it includes a number of things I don't want eg Silverlight, Search 4, Powershell etc

I have done a wee test and successfully integrated:
  • XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack_1.3.2_20100619.7z
WITHOUT subsequently integrating DriverPacks, the above worked fine, although as those .Net AddOn packs by user_hidden include the June updates, I won't know whether it gives an "updateable" Windows with .Net install until the next time MS push out .Net updates...

However, as soon as I integrate DriverPacks, it seems as though the .Net 1.1 framework is not installed at all.
I have played with different combinations of Driverpack integration, using current DPs_BASE_1006.exe, and it doesn't seem to matter which DriverPacks I integrate, the .Net FW 1.1 is still missing.

Can someone with far more experience than I, who uses both RVMi and DriverPacks, please share their working scheme for integrating both?
Also please say how many runs of RVMi you do ie do you integrate UpdatePack + multiple AddOns all in one hit or do several passes, and if so which packs are safe to do in the same run of RVMi.
Also, whose Addon packs for IE8/WMP/.Net you use?
I'm still very inexperienced with RVMi...

I want to use the user_hidden Post-SP3 updatepack, PLUS IE8 and WMP11 and .Net frameworks, then DriverPacks
I'm sure someone else out there is doing just that :)

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