WPI v8.7.3 Annoncement

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WPI v8.7.3 Annoncement

Post by Kelsenellenelvian » Tue Jul 28, 2015 2:28 pm

The next version of WPI will be supporter ONLY!

IF you want a copy you must request a copy and provide a Paypal transaction ID#

v8.7.3 Updates
**** Improvements to the Pause\Abort system in the installer.
**** Fixed the update routines.
**** Fixed the removal of bits=(64)
**** Improved user file version detection schema.
**** Program timeout check improvements.
**** Added power shell detection to the WEB features.
**** Downloading files functions are improved.
**** Font installer improvements.
**** Back Button now works.

There are some people already on this list if you feel you may be please drop me a PM.

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