List of Windows 7 annoyances

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List of Windows 7 annoyances

Post by Zephyr » Tue Jan 03, 2017 5:33 am

Here is a list of the Windows 7 annoyances that I can remember experiencing. It does not include a general slowing down of my computer. This should provide ample justification for my apparently perverse decision to return to good old XP - the greatest OS Microsoft ever produced.

Disappearing dual boot menu requiring time consuming editing of the Boot Configuration Data.

Installed updates dialog box is blank..

Turn windows features on or off dialog box is blank.

Updates installed without the administrator’s permission and no option of uninstalling them provided.

Attempt to use Anytime Upgrade aborted due to incorrect installation of SP1 which cannot be uninstalled because it was integrated with the install CD.

Unable to make a scheduled task because a snapin would not load.

Dual boot installation including Windows 7 aborted with baffling error message. Research shows that dual booting under Windows 7 is not permitted if you have more than one logical partition (why?).

Long delay of loading Windows while updates are configured. Sometimes Windows automatically reboots after the updates are configured thus extending the boot up time further.

Automatic Updates service uses 98% of CPU time and 400mB of RAM for several hours.

Problem caused by spaces in the user name.

Blue screens, random reboots, and freezes on dual boot system not present on Windows XP partition. This is evidence of Windows 7’s lower tolerance of sub standard hardware which in this case was an OCZ solid state drive.

Attempt to make a custom Windows 7 install CD using DISM under XP is aborted when the program freezes leaving 36,000 locked files on my hard drive that took several days to delete using Unlocker running non stop.

Windows 7 deletes all System Restore Points upon reboot.

Low registry space error message.

As nothing in the WinSxS folder can be deleted by the user or an installed program it is not possible to make a full uninstall of a program and files are left in this folder contributing to unnecessary consumption of disk space.

An anomaly with symbolic links causes an apparent dramatic increase in used space in a Windows 7 partition.

Windows updates installation fails with error message ‘NTFS transaction manager Is Broken’.

Transfer of files between XP machine and Windows 7 machine using USB PC link cable aborted after the transfer of the Go!Suite program to the client PC failed with a Windows 7 error message. It works every time if the host and client PCs have Windows XP installed.

Update 08/01/2017
More Windows 7 annoyances..............

Loading of Windows delayed while unscheduled repair of startup files is executed. You might as well go away and make a cup of coffee while this is going on.

Windows components can only be disabled not uninstalled.

The partition on which Windows 7 is installed is always registered as the C: drive which is confusing if you have dual boot system, because the real C: partition is shown as the D: partition in Explorer.
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Re: List of Windows 7 annoyances

Post by =[FEAR]=JIGSAW » Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:48 am

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Re: List of Windows 7 annoyances

Post by Dibya » Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:41 pm

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