Creating a game distro...

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Creating a game distro...

Post by Telavus » Thu Dec 27, 2018 8:46 pm

Hi, im planning on creating a retro distribution of Windows XP that will mostly be made for playing a specific retro game.

I am planning to have some programs and whatnot preinstalled, and was thinking about what would be the best to use. Windows POSReady 2009 or Windows XP Proffesional?

I guess that die-hard fans of Windows XP are mostly using XP and not POSReady, but POSReady is still getting microsoft updates. I've already tried doing what I want to do on POSReady, but still uncertain about how I am going to make the distribution as nLite does not seem to be working for me....

What im trying to do is to make an up to date and stable ISO of Windows XP/POSReady that has some preinstalled software. What would be the bets course of action for me?


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