Is It A Gurly Boy Thing?

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Why Do You Guys Decorate Your Computer Installations?

A pretty boy deserves a pretty computer.
Ahem, I am only adding this pretty stuff for my Mom.
No votes
It's a babe magnet. Pretty computers impress the pretty girls.
I feel so ugly inside and a pretty computer makes me feel better.
I am confident with my masculinity, so I shouldn't have to answer this.
I am a serious tech guy, I don't spend any time adorning my PC!
Boohoo, I do it cos I couldn't afford a pretty floral iMac.
I like a pretty computer to match my curtains.
No votes
I love the Fab Five! It's good to be gay!
Total votes: 37

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Mrs Peel
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Is It A Gurly Boy Thing?

Post by Mrs Peel » Mon Jan 30, 2006 11:17 pm

Oh man I have to giggle sometimes at some of the things you guys like to add to your computer installations around here!

I got into this custom installation hobby because I hate windows and I hate the bloat and I hate frilliness and I wanted to learn to streamline my system into a lean mean work machine and replace all the default windows utilities with better functioning 3rd party versions.

So while I (a girl) am busy trying to strip stuff out of my installations it seems to me that most of you (boys?) are just as busy trying to add dinky little frilly bits to make your computers look and smell like a ladies powder room... another pretty theme pack for this, another pretty cursor pack for that, another pretty button that goes here, another pretty (but sorta useless) application that goes there, another pretty screensaver that goes "Woot! Woot!"... it's like most of you blokes came here to bring your computer to the beauty salon ROFL :lol:

I've just GOT to know what is it that possesses you all to do this and challenge the male cosmetic stereotypes! So please enlighten me a little here and fill out this survey please so we gals can better understand your feminine natures.

Afterwards all participants get to play the Fab Five Drinking Game and go into a draw to appear as a contestant for a "computer makeover" in their next TV series.

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Post by DisabledTrucker » Tue Jan 31, 2006 1:17 am

I had to answer number 4 since that was as close as I could get. :lol:

In all seriousness though, I think of my desktop as an extension of my mood, like girls/women do with their clothes, they change them to suit their moods most of the time, that's how I am with my desktops. :lol:

Seriously though, I don't do anything really serious on the PC but customize it any way I possibly can, I can't customise cars anymore due to my disability, customizing residences is also out because of my disability, and since I have to have something to customize always, why not my computer? Hell, I don't use it for much anything serious anyways, if I want to get serious, I wouldn't be on the PC to begin with, that's why they made Macs! :lol:

To some it's extreme to make your computer look like a toaster, to others a 10K watt stereo in their cars, to others a living room that looks like someone went haywire with a paintbrush and stole the fur off a shaggy dog for the carpet on the ceiling... :twisted:

I love to customize things, it all started out when I found out that I can install a 10K watt sound system in my car and have it sound better than a 100K watt system in my house, at a fraction of the price. I have a love towards pushing things beyond their limits, including myself, hence the reason I'm currently disabled... :?

If it can be customized, and I'm able to, I'm all up for it, if it has a limit, I'll do my best to push it past it, which is why I also beta test a lot. If I'm not in here beta testing, I'm doing it for the next best game, or Operating System, or whatever floats my boat at the given time.

To have a system that is unique to me, is what I strive for. Anyone can take a P4 with XPSP2 and strip everything out of it and make it look like it's running 2K3 server, not everyone is talented enough to make XPSP2 look like the next sci-fi movie's computer screen or even have one of their systems look like a normal everyday Singer Sewing machine cabinet from the outside, but open it up to see the antique machine inside it and it's instead a monster gaming rig with a flatpanel monitor, 2 DVD+/-RW DL drives, 2 terrabytes of storage, double as a wireless media server and lights up so that when your playing NFSMW on it at 3am you're not keeping everyone in the house up with any other lights on, but those eminating from the keyboard, mouse, and screen. Sound is via either 5.1 surround sound or headphone/mic, and can be powered instead of by electricity from an outlet, by the rocker underneath hooked to a generator that supplies only 12/24v power, for those times when you're not using your feet to control the gas/brake pedals in a heated outrun in NFSMW. Or can be closed entirely up and play the latest movie/album through it's 5.1 speakers with video output to a widescreen tv and controlled via remote. Or left open to play the latest Xbox360 game on, while simultaniously recording "Fantastic Four" from PPV off the integrated QAM tuner as well as doubling as a hub for incoming phone calls from another state/country via voip and a print/fax server as well.

For what it's worth, I don't have this dream setup yet either, but I am working on it, I already have the circa 1918 Singer Sewing machine and cabinet, which all work by the way, and a lot of the parts I'm going to use, just need to get my tools back from my dads to start work on it and to finish obtaining the rest of the electronics for it. Such as the generator from a rig, (tractor trailor truck for you who aren't in the know,) for the power, the HDD's, DVD+/-RW DL drives, keyboard and mouse. Everything else I already have to create this one of a kind system with. Something that takes a little of my expertise in each field I love and combines them into one project. The steering wheel and keyboard/mouse will rise out of the area where the sewing machine once was and fold back into it when I close the lid so as to hide everything when I'm not using it. I'll be custom building the steering wheel/keyboard so as take a split keyboard and place it on both sides of the steering wheel and have the mouse at hand a tad further to the left and a gamepad on the right. The motherboard/all of the wiring and everything will be hidden away nicely tucked into the frame body of the cabinet, including the wireless router and printer, which will feed out the top drawer, that now just tilts down for needle storage and a scanner bed camafloged on one side of the fliptop lid that houses the LED monitor. The sound system will be custom built and will be of parts that would otherwise be used in an automobile, minus the head unit, since the PC will play that role. When the screen goes down, for all intense and purposes, it will be in suspend mode, but will still be able to record DVD's/PVR's, scan/fax/print, play movies/music, and answer/take phone calls. And when it's up, it will look like a Sci-Fi Space Trucking Rig, desktop and all. It will also only have four cables coming from the back of it. One for the HDTV connection, one for the cable connection, one for the external speakers, and one for the power for when you're too busy playing NFSMW or watching a movie from the couch.

Anyways, that's my next project, since I get seizures from looking at the screen to do any serious programming anymore, I have to have something to do to pass the time of day with. I was not only always good at seeing 1's and 0's in my head, but also blueprints/schematics as well, so no there will never be a blueprint of any of this done by me but I hopefully painted a good enough picture for you of what it's going to look like, when I'm done.
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Post by 5eraph » Tue Jan 31, 2006 2:04 am

LOL at that drinking game. I've never seen that one before. :)

I generally try to only include apps and tweaks that improve the basic functionality of Windows. Typically I'm creating a single up-to-date version of Windows for use in my own household for computers ranging from an AMD Athlon 1100MHz to an Athlon 64 X2 4800+. I can't afford to add a bunch of stuff to slow down my dinosaur systems so I keep it to a minimum.

The only theme I add is Royale because I like the color contrast in the Start Menu and it's technically "stock" because it's default in XP MCE. No other frilly bits.

The same goes for WMP10, although I don't like how the updates Ryan and boooggy integrate change the way playlists can be created (this may just be an issue for me, but it's consistent across all of my installations). The damn Media Player toolbar still won't work without manually registering wmpband.dll either, but this is the best integration method yet so I live with it.

For extended functionality I'm currently adding:
  • RVM_Addons_1.4 (minus Unlocker)
  • Xable_Unlocker-v1.7.8_addon
  • Xable_HashTab-v1.9_addon
  • Firefox 1.5 with Flash and Tabbed Browsing tweaks (I disable access to IE through WINNT.SIF)
  • Xable_OfficeUpdateEngine-v1.2_addon
  • Adobe reader705.exe
  • .NET 2.0 (waiting patiently for dgelwin to finish the proper integration :))
  • RogueSpear's MSN Messenger 7.5.0322 with Plus! (Windows Messenger disabled through WINNT.SIF)
  • K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v1.49 (custom, I also encode)
  • Bâshrat & some unsupported DriverPacks (M2 and KtD because I have nForce3&4 to support with RAIDs on both)
  • and a few regtweaks to change default preferences in WMP10 and Windows
I do not use nLite except to Slipstream SP2 and create the ISO. If I don't know what's going on it doesn't need to happen.
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Post by dgelwin » Tue Jan 31, 2006 8:24 am

im a number 4 :(
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Post by Fencer128 » Tue Jan 31, 2006 8:43 am

I had to answer number 6 - I spend most of my time on my own PC trying to recreate (and hopefully fix!) problems from my work. I rebuild it often and so do not usually take the time to do any kind of aesthetic tweaking.

Boy am I feeling like a bit of a philistine right now!

Maybe I should add a nice wallpaper at least! :o

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Post by DisabledTrucker » Tue Jan 31, 2006 10:16 am

Who is the poor chap who can't afford a floral Mac? :lol:
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Post by Siginet » Tue Jan 31, 2006 5:37 pm

I selected A babe Magnet! LOL! I couldn't find a selection that went well for me.

I do it because I install computers for my customers all the time. I like to give them a computer that looks like it is flashy and new. Most of my customers could care less about extra tools... they barley know how to use a computer anyways... I mean... why else would they pay me over $100 to install it for them. ;) So someday... I'll install some supermodels computer and she will love me forever! LOL! No... J/K I'm married to one allready. ;)

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Post by Daemonforce » Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:43 pm

I use the RyanVM integrator to minimize annoyances such as stalling for 6⅓ minutes waiting on Windows to connect to Microsoft Update only to find that the local download tool has been wangsturbating this whole time along with my dialup connection.



My computer looks almost as good as I do. ;) No the case isn't a Lian Li and no it's not some cube crap with heavy mods. That gives you a lot to think about. :P

As far as software goes, the more annoyances I can get rid of, the better off I am and the faster I can get on with life since I'm currently ass-deep in programming. Blame Microsoft's Dev lab for that one.
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Post by Diskgrind » Wed Nov 08, 2006 1:23 am

Well, I would have to agree with some who say it is an extention of myself and like my mood, my desktop reflects me. I like to think of it as my office and its cheaper to redecorate my desktop and computer rather than my office. Power to the freedom of change.

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Post by dougiefresh » Tue Nov 14, 2006 5:00 am

I voted number 6. I help my co-workers with computer problems and if I'm going to reinstall the computer, I want to spend as little time doing so as possible. This means not going to Windows Update for a million patches and updates, just the latest.

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