NOD32 Problem

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NOD32 Problem

Post by avneet25 » Thu Apr 06, 2006 7:09 pm

NOD 32 has a problem wit the new version of Spyware Doctor 3.8. It picks up the update component (update.exe) of the Spyware doctor as a virus. This only happens if the virus signature is old. When updated everything is fine.

Now the problme is that i have put NOD32 and Spyware Doctor 3.8 in my UAC. So after installation it picks up the update.exe as a virus. So I hav to update the virus signature and then its ok. So i just want to knw is it possible that we can update the virus defintion of NOD32 and then put it in the unatteded CD. If so then how can i do it. Thanks

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Post by Judge_MC1 » Sat Apr 08, 2006 7:55 am

There doesnt seem to be anyway to manually update NOD32, all the documentation for NOD32 refers to using the automatic Internet updater or using a local mirror.

One possible way to avoid this situation would be to create a setup.xml file which excludes the Spyware Doctor update.exe file from NOD32 or to specify a mirror on your network to update from. I havent tested this but I think NOD32 will update automatically on install from the mirror if it can connect to it.

You will need the administrator version of NOD32 to use a mirror and the setup configuration tool. You could always get a newer version of NOD32 which should include more recent virus updates.

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