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Post by bluetickle » Sun Jan 28, 2007 2:30 pm

Hello Ryan and Everyone else,

First off, Thanks for all the hard work in building these extremely useful tools - . I have come to really rely on them frequently.

Now I don't want to waste anyones valuable time, but I have one quick question.

I have come to greatly admire the tracker website - and I would like to set up a similar site myself. I also have a Dreamhost account, and thus massive amounts of unused capacity and bandwidth.

Perhaps, if someone can share the details in how to build a website similar to the one at: - then I would be happy to be a tracker or mirror site for RyanVM files, or whatever else might be considered to be useful...

Thanks for your time,

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Post by RyanVM » Sun Jan 28, 2007 5:36 pm

K, no need to post and PM me the same message.

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