the fight at msfn was a big understanding

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Did I screw things up at msfn badly?

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the fight at msfn was a big understanding

Post by hyipo » Fri May 25, 2007 4:36 am

I know behaved badly and msfn banned hyipo but it was all a big misunderstanding.

I can't email them so I have to post this in public and to let everybody know the real reason why I got banned and why I attacked the forums.

I asked the admin this year that I wanted to be unbanned and he unbanned me. He was nice and understanding but what started this whole mess was TAiN thought I was coming back to harass the forums or him but he didn't realized I changed and had different motives. This whole thing got started cause I wanted to take over gerglemeyers project but then this year I decided to make a SP6 for my server and give it out to people and needed a place to advertise my free SP6 without being labeled a spammer so I asked TAiN before I was banned again (under hyipo) that I wanted Hotstream subforum to be reopened cause I will soon have unofficial SP6 out.
So then days later after I pmed him I was banned. I didn't know why and couldn't even access my PMs. I was trying hard and kept clicking the msfn PMs manager link but no luck.
So I assumed the forums were out to get me and thought they worshiped gergelmeyer and if I created SP6 it makes them angry and I thought msfn was against me so I started attacking them but did not know the real reason I was banned.
I was banned cause I created 3 accounts (hyipo(Main Account), alexbill (2nd ordinary account), DarthHilary) under 1 IP. I admit I did that last year but then I used 2 of my other accounts to harass some members and a mod but I weren't gonna do that anymore. I thought things were gonna work out.
Now I understand why TAiN banned me days ago. I am so sorry I attacked msfn. I thought they were against me and trying to ban me to silence me from wanting to make sp6.

It wasn't cause of sp6. It was cause of my other 2 accounts. You must tell TAiN the whole war was a misunderstanding. Please cause I'm netblocked so I can't work things out.

The whole gerglemeyer war was a mistake. It never should have started.

Now every member of Earthlink can't access msfn or download addons and it's all me and my misunderstandings fault.

Do you forgive me. I will never do that again. Seriously I was wrong and acted childish. I will behave.

The reason I acted the way I did was I thought they were attempting to censor me, take away my rights to make sp6 and that TAiN was against my beliefs.

I was all wrong. the war was a mistake. I hope they forgive me. Now I have to use web proxies and TOR just to download addons from msfn.

Please don't ban proxies too. I like reading the forums.

I don't want to harass msfn. The whole thing was a misunderstanding from the beginning. I was banned cause I did 3 accounts and other 2 were probably from proxy.

I screwed things up pretty badly. I admit I made a huge attack mistake.

He thought I came back to attack msfn, I thought he banned me to silence me and he was against me.

It had nothing to do with gerglemeyer. It was cause I was probably breaking the rules. but msfn doesn't know I never read the rules.

I just take that every forums rules is exactly the same.

Since I'm banned I can't read the rules. I shouldn't have created 3 accounts. Just 1, hyipo.

I wish I could get hyipo unbanned say with a punishment of me read the rules then me retell them what the rules are so they know I read them.

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I am so sorry

Post by hyipo » Fri May 25, 2007 4:52 am

If anyone from msfn is reading this I am very very very very very sorry.

I don't wanna look bad. I am soon gonna bring back hyipo.

but really I know the truth and realized I am sorry for how I treated people there.

I guess they will never accept me again. It was my own fault, I took things too personal, I should have asked why I was banned before I went out and attacked them.

Theres no excuse for what I have done. I just don't have any real life friends and some of my internet friends turned against me.

I am so sorry everyone. You don't even know how sorry I feel to msfn.

Now I feel like those Stargate SG1 people that went through a misunderstanding where the people thought they were rebels and then they took the people hostage.

I sort of did the same thing. The mods thought I was trying to attack msfn, I thought they were against me, and the whole thing was a big misunderstanding.

I am sorry :( . I feel sad I did that to you.

Please forgive me.

if anyone forgives me or wants to call me bad words you can post below

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Post by RyanVM » Fri May 25, 2007 4:54 am

Dude, what part of "don't bring your issues with MSFN to this board" don't you understand?


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