NEWS!!!: Linux Supporter attacks Microsoft's Patent Pact wit

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NEWS!!!: Linux Supporter attacks Microsoft's Patent Pact with ads

Post by hyipo » Sat Jun 16, 2007 7:40 pm

Some people and Linux Priests are getting fed up by Microsofts Patent Pact and their tactics to benefit from open source or bring them down in patent infringement lawsuits. So now some people are fighting back against Microsoft by putting ads about they are using Mafia style tactics to attack open source and they don't like their patent pact.
It is being released on torrent sites and emule and in thepiratebay. There are about 2 ads already made in one torrent and the ad makers plan to make more and get others to make ads against Microsofts Patent Pacts.
One ad has text saying "Don't let Micro$#!T murder your open source buddy. If you have a Attorney fight against Microsoft for commiting the biggest crime in the business community, Corporate Monopoly". The other ad says "I don't givva f***ing s*** about Microsofts ****ing patent pact" and "support php, apache, linux, audacity, openoffice, and all other open source software".
The anonymous ad maker is sharing them via Bitorrent is because if muiltiple people share it it will be hard to track down who made it and it will be hard to destroy the sharing of those 2 ads.
There is no more information at this time reguarding the sharing of ads against Microsofts patent pact but something tells me Microsoft is gonna be more hated then Brussel sprouts when they attack popular open source software.
The reporter has downloaded and saw the ads which was why he written this article. He also says "I believe if we can't pirate Microsoft software we should at least be allowed to compete against their outrageous prices now they only leave us with software piracy. Why is Microsoft pulling so much junk against the poor people of America and the world".

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