[help]Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer install problem

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[help]Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer install problem

Post by grief » Sun Sep 02, 2007 1:02 am

Recently having format and reinstalled, i just got to the point to download and install mbsa. to my suprise i get this error. i've not installed mbsa since the format, i don't have windows file protection on, and i don't have automatic windows update (i have turned it on to see if that was a issue)

here is the install log from %tmp%

Code: Select all

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer cannot overwrite another installation that is present in the same folder. Please choose a different folder.
=== Logging stopped: 8/18/2007  23:44:23 ===
list of addons i used:

rvm update pack 2.1.11
code's rvm update pack addon
patched aio system files
boooggy wmp 11 tweaked
rvm directx 9c
rvm .net framework aio
kels uber addon
kels cpl pack
microsoft runtimes

rest are just regular programs which i can't imagine having any effects to prevent msba from installing.

i did however have problems with adaware 2007 free uninstalling. its a known problem at lavasoft so i tried to manually remove by searching the registry for "lavasoft" "adaware" etc and remove them that way, also used the msi cleanup utility. also tried to install a newer version of lavasoft to remove it that way but it won't install. possible link there between the two problems?

i'm stumped as to why it won't install in any directory or disk. any help would be appreciated.

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