[Release] Miranda IM 0.5

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[Release] Miranda IM 0.5

Post by Aserone » Mon Aug 14, 2006 6:57 am

Nice, small multi-protocol instant messenger client. No additional Miranda IM "plugins" bundled. Feel free to request specific ones to include.

The addon is uninstallable and 8.3-compliant.

Miranda IM v0.5
LINK: Foxy_MirandaIM_0.5_Addon
MD5: CEB19BB224948539E4BB9DE272548185
SIZE: 944 KB
Builddate: 2006-08-11
Description: Open-source multi protocol instant messenger client
Language: English
Version: 0.5
License: Open Source
Release Date: 2006-07-31
Website: http://www.miranda-im.org/
Installs to: "%PROGRAMFILES%\Internet\Miranda IM"
Shortcut: StartMenu --> "Internet\Miranda IM.LNK"
Shortcut: QLaunch --> "Miranda IM.LNK"
Op System: Windows 2000, XP & 2003

Miranda IM
Miranda IM is a multi protocol instant messenger client for Windows. Miranda IM uses very little memory and is extremely fast. It requires no installation and can be fitted on a single floppy disc. Its powerful plugin system makes Miranda IM very flexible. Only the most basic features are built in, but there are currently more than 350 free plugins available for download that allows users to extend the functionality of Miranda IM.

Available Protocols:
  • ICQ
  • AIM
  • MSN
  • Jabber
  • Yahoo
  • IRC
  • Gadu-Gadu
  • Tlen
  • Netsend
  • And more...


Using Mrs Peel's excellent layout with her permission (thanks!).

Have fun all!
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Post by ScOOt3r » Mon Aug 14, 2006 9:00 am

Thanks Aserone for this,, gonna try and intergrate it into my XP Cd.

Go Canada Go!

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