Way to create various add-on configs?

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Way to create various add-on configs?

Post by MrWoo » Mon Nov 27, 2006 12:46 am

I was wondering, as I don't know explicitly everything that is modified when using add-on packs, if there is a method to create mulitple configs for add-on packs.

I assume that dosnet.inf and txtsetup.sif are used, as that would be the most logical place for file copying. ARe there other files that are modified?

Furthermore, is there an issue with RVMintegrator being run on a source more than once. Maybe like this?

1. integrate ryans update pack. Copy the modified files.
2. run again, integrating only 5 add-ons. Copy modified files.
3. run again with 5 more add-on packs. Copy files again.

Thus giving the ability to have a sort of level or layering of add-ons used in a certain config.

I realize that the cabs and such would be in the i386, and that your dosnet.inf would need all entries. Would that leave only the txtsetup.sif that could be saved as like txtsetup1.sif, txtsetup2.sif, etc etc.

I am using some methods to create a menu for an xp cd, that allows mulitple answer file configurations, as well as options for using $OEM$ and options for isntalling drivers, so I figure there may be a way to also option out which files are used to tell setup what to insall for add-ons as well.

Any thoughts?


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