Random Wallpaper Changer for XP - via autoit silently

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Random Wallpaper Changer for XP - via autoit silently

Post by Geej » Fri Jul 02, 2010 4:51 am

This is an autoit utility to silently randomize your desktop wallpaper by selecting a picture from %Windir%\Web\Wallpaper folder.
It was an inspiration from a post here. I improved the script to accommodate more logic & features.
Support jpg, jpeg, bmp & png pictures only. Will only set wallpaper to "Center" mode if image's width fall below 70% of your screen width. Most of the time it is using "Stretch" mode.
If your picture ratio is same as your screen size, it is "Stretch" mode too.
Will not interfere with your theme(s).

Access thru Start ->All Programs -> Accessories->Random Wallpaper Changer or Desktop shortcut

Includes 5 randomly selected wallpaper to get you, hopefully inspired to randomize frequently. (Wallpaper Source)
Also include to randomize a wallpaper during ROE stage via a batch file.

If you do not have ROE items, will still randomize your wallpaper. U will see it during creating desktop...

Works on XP only.

Size: 1.28 Mb (1,342,725 bytes)
MD5: 2C4C45866CE1FAE179A4E7A8AC848AD0

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