[Request] Combo/Combined Theme Packs

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[Request] Combo/Combined Theme Packs

Post by ron2024 » Mon Dec 05, 2005 9:00 am

I'm requesting this due to the large number of addons, along w/ compatibility & integration problems possible when you combine single cab versions of these addons. This request is mostly for those that have more than one theme pack they released. Not wanting to say names, oh what the hell how about a Kel's Combo Theme Pack, dgelwin Combo Theme Pack or a RogueSpear Combo Theme Pack & maybe throw in a cursors pack or 2 for good measure. Oh & being able to use either Integrator or nLite would be nice, thank you.

I know you guys have been very very busy, keep up the good work !!!

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Post by Siginet » Mon Dec 05, 2005 1:55 pm

I have actually allready made a ThemePack... but I have been running tests on it. I have put LClock in my theme pack, some cursors and some of the basic themes all into it. I will update my themepack with dglewins new Whit LClock and I will release it today.

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