Apply registry settings after login

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Apply registry settings after login

Post by jfcarbel » Sun May 16, 2010 4:09 pm

I have some registry changes that I need to apply after login completes. I have my unattended created so it does auto-login in XP.

I tried using cmdlines.txt and the RunOnceEx.cmd but this executes before login completes.

So how do I schedule something to execute after the first login?

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Post by vmanda » Sun May 16, 2010 5:17 pm

You can use task scheduler from command prompt to add scheduled tasks:
SCHTASKS /Create /RU Administrator /RP admin_passwd /SC ONSTART /TN Task_name /TR command_to_execute
To delete the task after execution:
SCHTASKS /Delete /TN Task_name /F
You can create one svcpack addon that will copy necesary files somewhere in your computer , and to use first command to schedule one task.(at T-13)
Also to remove the task after execution, you can use second command. ( you do not need the task after execution of task)
The command_to_execute can be one sfx that run all command that you need, plus the removing step. You can use one batch command file, but will be verry ugly dos box,
so you can put it into one 7zip sfx running with RunProgram="hidcon:task_sheduled.cmd"
use SCHTASKS /? for help.

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