Second AV opinion: Avira Command Line Version

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Second AV opinion: Avira Command Line Version

Post by vmanda » Sat Oct 08, 2011 7:16 am

If you allready have another AV software but you want a second opinion, you can use:

Avira Command Line Version

Download and put it close to Start_Avira_CL.exe. See image:


then run Start_Avira_CL.exe that will do automatic extraction of
(virus signatures) and start scaning all drives on yours computer.

filename:Start_Avira_CL.exe size:706 KB (723.497 bytes) md5:D56FC9AC04E2FA71AF85FE10DF8BBBCC

Read on Avira site: Avira Command Line Scanner ScanCL

I have developed this for my own use in conjunction with my Live XP CD (WinBuilder_080 project/USB Boot)

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