dot NET 4 problem using the update pack

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dot NET 4 problem using the update pack

Post by peeco » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:33 am

After reading Fragbert's post (about a dozen posts above this one) regarding a dotNET 4 problem he had, I thought I would mention one that I have. I use a program called Freemake Video Converter which requires NET 4 to run. But it won't run on my XP Pro (Corp Edition) when I build a DVD using OnePiece's update pack. Here is what I have done and what happens.

- I build a DVD using my XP Corp SP3 using either the "RVM 1.6.1 Beta 2.1" integrator or the "nLite-" integrator (the same problem below happens regardless of which integrator I use) and the only things I integrate are the Onepiece 5.5.1 addon and the OnePiece IE8 cosmetic fix addon (nothing else).
- After integration I burn a DVD and install XP on my desktop.
- I then install Freemake Video Converter and run the program.
- The program installs fine but the splash screen appears for about 30 seconds and then it disappears and Freemake never opens.

Now, if I uninstall OnePiece's NET 4 from Add/Remove Windows Components and then install either Yumeyao's or Ricktendo's NET 4 installer (I tried both) and then run Freemake Video Converter then it opens and runs just fine. However, if I then uninstall either Yumeyao's or Ricktendo's NET 4 installer and install OnePiece's NET 4 installer via Add/Remove Windows Components then Freemake will not open. This has happened for the last 4 or 5 OnePiece addon packs I have used (at least this when I noticed the "problem").

Right now what I do is install XP (with the latest OnePiece update pack integrated) and then uninstall OnePiece's NET 4 via Add/Remove Windows Components and then install Ricktendo's NET 4 (since it is always up-to-date) and then install Freemake Video Converter and everything works fine. It would be nice not to have to do these extra steps. But I have not been able to get Freemake Video Converter to work when OnePiece's NET 4 is installed.

Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.

Oh yea, a very BIG thanks to OnePiece and Nonno for this update pack. It has saved me tons of time installing XP not only for myself but for other friends. Your work is VERY much appreciated! :-)

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Post by OnePiece Alb » Thu Mar 08, 2012 12:48 pm

some programs (TurboTax + Freemake Video Converter) wanted the dotnet clean in the system and after installing the update (with and everything was always OK, the problems have emerged after with some update files to dotnet4), Instead DotNet4 True AddOn installs only new files, never puts old file in system ect ect, precisely what is called TRUE MOD and the most perfect system regarding installation in windows (also in update 20 days ago, in DotNet True AddOn we added only 1 update, and not when they were 2-3 ect ect, because the other even if just out were already obsolete, as in the latest release v4.0.30319.276 where KB2539636 + KB2656351 are already obsolete)

or as mentioned before ... 906#120906 it was no fault of the DotNet4 True AddOn, however KB2600211 repair already also the problems in Freemake Video Converter (also in Italian communities ... l#msg58717 there was already some discussion a few days ago)

with should already be all OK (for more info need to read this

sorry again for my English

Ciao a tutti.

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Post by Timbo » Mon May 14, 2012 10:13 pm


Did you resolve the issue? I've recently found 1 or more files were being overwritten by older versions. This caused the app I needed to work to report an error about the classes.

The file I'm aware of is cscui.dll. It was replaced with a 2008 version in both c:\windows\system32 and one of the dotnet framework subdirs.

I have not found the exact cause yet, but I only used the update pack for framework related stuff, so if its happening by another addon I'm using, its unexpected in my case.

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