Website Dev before My next Win2k3 x86 pack

Windows Server 2003 Update Pack discussion.
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Website Dev before My next Win2k3 x86 pack

Post by codejunkie » Wed Dec 14, 2005 12:28 am

I am creating a website to track all the hotfixes for Windows 2003 X86

hopefully it will help me keep track of the newly released updates, create important/critical update packs aswell as extra addons which will include :-
  • WinXP Games
    WinXP System Restore
    .NET Framework 2.0
There are 5 updates to be added for this month, 2 "optional" (but still included) and 3 critical/important


Not to mention updates to current hotfixes should be easier to identify as I will include the verison in the database and try and list all the times aswell.... Im hoping it can be used not only for Windows 2003 X86 but X64, Win XP and Win 2k

would be nice for it to create the list of changes but I don't think I will be able to get my database/WebUI to create that just yet

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