Using DXUPAC to make true Addon for XP with POSReady patches

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Using DXUPAC to make true Addon for XP with POSReady patches

Post by molecule » Fri Jul 24, 2015 6:55 am

I am rebuilding XP x86 using OnePiece AIO final. I am currently running an earlier version of the AIO, and it seems to have installed .NET v1.1.4322, v2.0.50727, v3.0, v3.5, and v4.0.

MS has released some POSReady security updates for .NET which are post EOL.

I downloaded the .NET patches and ran DXUPAC using all the files. One file, called PatchRegCleanup.exe was duplicated, so I included it only once. DXUPAC seemed to perform normally. To change default Update to Addon, I changed entries.ini to entries_EOL.ini, changed description and title from Update to Addon, and removed all [sections] below [general].

Does anyone know if we can use DXUPAC to create a true addon from POSReady updates for .NET patches, to integrate .NET patches to an XP x86 AIO source?

If DXUPAC will build a true Addon for .NET patches, then can I build a single Addon containing all .NET updates, or, should I build a separate Addon .7z for each .NET KB, and then feed them in one by one after integrating the latest AIO Update Pack?

From long ago, I seem to remember that MS made unattended slipstream of .net update tricky, but maybe DXUPAC fixes that.

To retrieve the files, I go to, then
search on "XP Embedded", then sort on date, then go thru pages and select “ADD” to build a download list of .NET updates for x86 systems. MS then downloads each security update into its own local folder. For the .NET updates, each KB-folder for .NET patches contain 2 exe files.

KB2894842_Security Update_NDP40_2014-08-19
KB2894843_Security Update_NDP20sp2_2014-08-19
KB2931365_Security Update_NDP40_2014-04-22
KB2932079_Security Update_NDP20sp2_2014-04-22
KB2972105_Security Update_NDP20sp2_2014-09-24
KB2972215_Security Update_NDP40_2014-08-19
KB2979574_Security Update_NDP20sp2_2014-10-01

One exe in each folder is a type-2 hotfix. It is unique for each KB. (type 2 exe has icon with little yellow box in front, contains BMPs for installer splash screen etc.)

Another is a standard type-1 hotfix. It is a common file included in all the .NET updates. Under version information, its original file name is PatchRegCleanup.exe, version

I don’t know if PatchRegCleanup needs to be run separately after each KB is integrated, or if it can be run once globally after all type-2 KBs are added.

-- edit -- The KB numbers are not included in the update list and change log for the AIO Update (v.1.0.6).

Thanks if you have any experience with using DXUPAC with building true Addon for .NET patches.
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Post by OnePiece Alb » Mon Oct 26, 2015 7:02 am

Hi molecule, is very very simple, need only to extract the update and copy\replace\update new the files in the NetFx*.cab (obvious need to check the version of the file first, because the new Update do not always include inside all the most recent file), nothing else
you can use the ResHacker to view\get the original file name

but sometimes you need to do a little work, System.dll inside the is in Sy430319.dll (or locale.nlp in _locale.nlp) and inside the is in Sy250727.dll, in poor words you search for the file name in the NetFx* Folder, if you can not find it, then open the NetFx*.inf and search the file name

in DotNet20 it will happen with the mscordacwks.dll but as you see the names of the files are already there, you just need to remove the FL_ and replace _dll*\_exe*\_xxx* with .dll\.exe\.xxx

as always to extract or create NetFx*.cab or NetFx*.in_ just use the DXTool

Ciao a tutti.
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Post by Dibya » Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:28 am

Can you please update your AIO Update pack and vistastyle AIO Updatepack whenever you get time also if you like.

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