[Addon] XPSP3 QFE POSReady Updates 20180917

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Re: [Addon] XPSP3 QFE POSReady Updates 20180917

Post by Zephyr » Mon May 25, 2020 7:58 am

Hi Guys

I finally sorted out the problem with outdated ks.sys and termdd.sys and everything is tickety-boo now. The problem was caused by a bug in the integrator that caused driver.cab to be re-built with the SP3 versions of these files rather than the latest POSReady versions. This caused errors in qfecheck and SFC. I confirmed that this was the problem by extracting the contents of driver.cab, replacing ks.sys and termdd.sys with the POSReady versions and compressing the contents with Cab Maker. The solution to the problem is to remove the entries for ks.sys and termdd.sys in drvindex.inf which determines which drivers Windows Setup copies from driver cab. This can be automated by the integrator by adding these entries to entries_POSUpdates.ini:


These instructions replace ks.sys and termdd.sys with blank lines in drvindex.inf, and ks.sys has to be deleted twice because the first time hsf_fsks.sys is truncated to hsf_fs. Finally hsf_fs has to be restored to hsf_fsks.sys.

You can make these changes yourself by editing entries_POSUpdates.ini from my release of the addon in the 7-Zip file manager. You also need to update the build dates that I forgot to do. When I get round to joining Mediafire I will make the final revision available for download.

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[Release] XPSP3 QFE POSReady Addon 20200528

Post by Zephyr » Tue May 26, 2020 7:07 am

I present my final revision of the XPSP3_QFE_POSReady_Addon completed on 28 May 2020.

MD5: 5905A4EDC6B300387793DF6C4F6C0BB6
SHA1: B29EA63EE47D78F5BF1851030115DF737F75E036
SHA256: F32A20A59163636D9AF5E08D5CDDAEC40F42418999DB6D5CEEEAB246023EA90D

Credit must be given to 5ereph for initiating this addon and the time and effort he must have put into it.

This addon slipstreams all the POSReady 2009 updates released untill EOL on 09 April 2019 directly into a 32-bit XP SP3 source when used with the XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack. All files are from the SP3QFE branch.

An update to the Adobe Flash Player has not been included because no-one plays videos in Internet Explorer 8.

Windows Automatic Update will offer a number of obsolete version of gdiplus and the Cumulative Security Update for ActiveX Killbits for Windows XP (KB2900986) when the integrated source is installed. The gdiplus updates I recorded are as follows: KB4473077, KB4462987, KB4458000, KB4039384, KB4015383, KB3178034, KB3065979, KB3035132, KB3029944, KB3013126, KB2957503, KB2834886, KB2659262, KB4463361, KB4022884, KB2412687. This list is probably not exhaustive. They are installed as side by side assemblies in the WinSxS folder. The integrator cannot handle multiple versions of the same module in the WinSxS folder, so it is only possible to integrate the last POSReady 2009 version of gdiplus. Once integration is complete there will be two versions of gdi plus, one from the uppdate pack, and one from the addon. It seems likely that the last POSReady 2009 version of gdiplus is backwards compatible with programs written for previous versions since 2012. Therefore I recommend that you do not install these older versions of gdiplus and disable Automatic Updates.

The XPSP3 QFE POSReady Addon and XPSP3 QFE Update Pack can be integrated into the source using the RVM integrator separately or at the same time. If the are integrated seperately the [Obsolete] section of entries_posready.ini will remove security catalogues and registry entries made by the update pack for updates made obsolete by the addon. If integrated at the same time the [ExtraFilesEdits] section of entries_posready.ini will prevent the update pack from installing the registry entries for updates made obsolete by the addon, and the [Obsolete] section will remove the security catalogues.

Updates Included:

KB2926765 - MS14-027 - Shell Light-weight Utility Library
KB2962872 - MS14-037 - IE6 - BrowseWM Player
KB2993254 - MS14-062 - Message Queuing*
KB2998579 - MS14-063 - Fast FAT File System Driver
KB2991963 - MS14-078 - Japanese Input Method Editor
KB3020393 - MS15-002 - Microsoft Telnet Server Helper*
KB3021674 - MS15-003 - User Environment Group Policy module
KB3004361 - MS15-014 - Windows Security Configuration Editor Engine
KB3033889 - MS15-020 - WebBrowser Control module
KB3033890 - MS15-057 - WMP 9
KB3124275 - MS16-001 - Internet Explorer 6 - Cumulative
KB3124624 - MS16-003 - VBScript Scripting Engine v5.7
KB3109560 - MS16-007 - DirectShow Core
KB3121918 - MS16-007 - Advanced Windows 32 Base API
KB3126587 - MS16-014 - Database Support for Oracle
KB3140709 - MS16-025 - Windows Address Book
KB3139914 - MS16-032 - Secondary Logon Service DLL
KB3139398 - MS16-033 - USB Mass Storage Class driver
KB3149090 - MS16-047 - SAM Server DLL
KB3161949 - MS16-077 - Web Proxy Auto Discovery
KB3170455 - MS16-087 - Print Spooler
KB3185911 - MS16-106 - User API Client
KB3183431 - MS16-123 - Distributed File System
KB3196718 - MS16-130 - OLE Automation
KB4012584 - MS17-013 - Microsoft Color Management Module
KB4014652 - CVE-2013-6629 - DirectShow
KB4014794 - CVE-2013-6629 - DirectShow
KB4019276 - Support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2
KB4025398 - CVE-2017-8557 - System Information Control
KB4025409 - CVE-2017-8563 - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol API
KB4025497 - CVE-2017-8463 - Shell Browser UI Library
KB4026061 - CVE-2017-8588 - Wordpad MFC Application
KB4034775 - CVE-2017-0250 - JET 4.0 Database Engine
KB4047211 - CVE-2017-11788 - Content Index Utility DLL
KB4052303 - CVE-2017-11885 - IP Router Manager
KB4056564 - CVE-2018-0886 - TS Single Sign On Security Package
KB4056941 - OpenType/Type 1 font driver
KB4089082 - CVE-2018-0881 - ActiveX control for streaming video
KB4089175 - CVE-2018-0883 - ZiP Compression Library
KB4089453 - CVE-2018-0878 - Windows Remote Assistance
KB4089694 - CVE-2017-13077 - Wireless Zero Configuration Service
KB4091756 - CVE-2018-0967 - WinSNMP v2.0 Manager API
KB4101477 - CVE-2018-0824 - COM Services
KB4130957 - CVE-2017-11927 - InfoTech Storage System Library
KB4291391 - CVE-2018-8304 - Windows DNS Client API
KB4457163 - CVE-2018-8468 - Windows Shell Common DLL
KB4458001 - CVE-2018-8332 - Embedded OpenType Font Engine and Font Subsetting DLL
KB4458318 - CVE-2018-8419 - Kernel CSA Library
KB4459091 - CVE-2018-8419 - Cryptographic and TLS/SSL Security Provider
KB4462935 - CVE-2018-8333 - Windows NT SMB Minirdr
KB4463103 - CVE-2018-8411 - NT Kernel
KB4467689 - CVE-2018-8550 - Remote Procedure Call Runtime
KB4467770 - Enables TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 in WinHTTP
KB4470118 - CVE-2018-8544 - Windows Scripting Host
KB4486463 - CVE-2019-0621 - NT Kernel & System
KB4486465 - CVE-2019-0703 - Server driver
KB4486468 - CVE-2019-0821 - Named Pipe FileSystem Driver
KB4486536 - CVE-2019-0683 - Microsoft Authentication Package v1.0
KB4486538 - CVE-2019-0683 - Kerberos Security Package
KB4487990 - Cumulative Timezone Update
KB4489493 - CVE-2019-0755 - Mailslot driver
KB4489973 - CVE-2019-0784 - Microsoft Data Access - ActiveX Data Objects
KB4489977 - CVE-2019-0617 - Microsoft (R) Red ISAM
KB4490228 - CVE-2019-0765 - User Experience Controls Library
KB4490501 - CVE-2019-0759 - Windows Spooler
KB4491443 - CVE-2019-0856 - MBT Transport driver
KB4493341 - CVE-2019-0601 - Hid Parsing Library
KB4493563 - CVE-2019-0842 - Object Linking and Embedding. NT Kernel
KB4493790 - CVE-2019-0792 - Microsoft XML Core Services 3.0 and 6.0
KB4493793 - CVE-2019-0877 - Microsoft Jet xBASE Isam
KB4493794 - CVE-2019-0851 - Microsoft Jet Paradox Isam
KB4493795 - CVE-2019-0671 - Microsoft Jet Excel Isam
KB4493796 - CVE-2019-0847 - Microsoft Jet Engine Library
KB4493797 - CVE-2019-0846 - Microsoft (R) Red ISAM
KB4493927 - CVE-2019-0848 - Multi-User Win32 Driver
KB4494059 - CVE-2019-0845 - COM Interfaces for Printer Web Pages
KB4494528 - Windows Installer
KB4495022 - CVE-2019-0802 - Microsoft GDI+
KB4500331 - CVE-2019-0708 - Terminal Server Driver

*XP Professional only.
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Re: [Addon] XPSP3 QFE POSReady Updates 20180917

Post by Zephyr » Thu May 28, 2020 6:00 pm


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Re: [Addon] XPSP3 QFE POSReady Updates 20180917

Post by Zephyr » Thu Jun 04, 2020 9:32 am

I have produced a version of my revision of the XPSP3 QFE POSReady Addon adapted for the Home Edition of XP. It has the two Pro only updates, KB2993254 and KB3020393 removed to make a more tidy installation without redundant security catalogues and registry entries.

MD5: 3234D93BD5EC78D1C3748F57E3961529
SHA1: 93A72DFEFCAC8443AE0D09EFAAA9399B1C03A46B
SHA256: 6123F2073A99EF9DCDD661AFBE548251CBCFEF51580CD0EEF157CA0379B1971B

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