Repackaged Winamp 5.32 installer -- can I post it here?

Questions or comments on the switchless installers? Want to create a new one? Talk about it here.
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Repackaged Winamp 5.32 installer -- can I post it here?

Post by kickz28 » Thu Feb 15, 2007 9:49 pm


After searching this forum and other for a switchless Winamp 5.32 installer that I can customize for a few days, I never found anything that I was satisfied with. There were some switchless installers but they didn't let me customize my installation.

So I spent the whole day learning what the real Winamp installer actually installed to the system and I completely repackaged it using Inno Install System. In my opinion, this is the best system because you can customize every setting during the install via switches. That means you can make it a silent install, but also to your specs. This is great for an unattended CD.

My new installer does everything the original installer does with a few minor differences:
- it allows you to add or remove Enqueue in Winamp and Add to Winamp's Bookmark list from the context menu.
- it doesn't include Sonic Ripping/Burning support (does anyone actually use this??)
- it doesn't include the option to install the eMusic icon and the Active security icon (useless advertising)

Now my question is, while I will be using this for personal use, is it legal or does it violate any license agreement to actually post this file on the net?

If not, I'll post it, otherwise, well, sorry for having wasted your time! ;)

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Post by jumz » Thu Jun 21, 2007 11:37 am

I am interested in your custom installer...willing to PM me with download info? Thanks!

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