Change RyanVM Unlocker Install Path?

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Change RyanVM Unlocker Install Path?

Post by Åmbrosius » Wed Jan 11, 2006 3:08 pm

Hi all, having a minor problem with RyanVm's update pack addon, in that I'm slightly anal retentive when it comes to my directory structures. So I just cannot possibly hope to live with the knowledge that the Unlocker prog from this pack is installed into it's own directory instead of being neatly categorised. I've tried to convince it to go where I want, but I'm afraid I appear to be out of my depth. After about five attempts that failed on testing with the framedyn.dll error, I finally got it to install to C:\Unlocker instead of Program Files\Unlocker but that wasn't where I thought I'd told it to go. So I guess I'm missing something, probably a small and blatently obvious something but missing it nontheless. I can't seem to get it to move succesfully post install either.

So bowing to all your superior intellects, I find myself having to ask for help. How Is it possible to change the default installation path of it? Or remove it from the pack so I can install it later? If I can't get Unlocker to live where I want I'll have to not use that pack, and I really want to keep the rest. (Yeah, I'm that anal retentive, it's sad really.)

Though it's not said enough, thanks to EVERYONE who contirbutes to the developments in this community, and RyanVM you're a God amongst men!!! Hope someone can help, and thanks in advance.

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Post by Xable » Wed Jan 11, 2006 3:36 pm

Your funny... :)

This is what sets the install directory

Code: Select all

CopyUnlocker =16422,Unlocker
CopyUnlocker is the copy section
16422 is Program Files
Unlocker is well yeah Unlocker folder

16422 is an Environment Variable, you can see more here.

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Post by Åmbrosius » Wed Jan 11, 2006 5:10 pm

Ah, see I knew it was something simple, I was trying to use the flaming txtsetup.sif directory codes :oops: , which would go some way to explain why it wasn't ending up where it was told to go.
Thanks a million, and extra thanks for the speed on replying. Might actually get some sleep tonight. Guess I should've swallowed my pride and asked for help sooner, then I might still have some hair left.
While I'm here TY for your office update pack too.
Will try not to ask any more dumb questions from now on. So I'll proabably see you again soon. :lol:
Thanks again.

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