[Tutorial] Creating ISO files and burning w/ImgBurn

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[Tutorial] Creating ISO files and burning w/ImgBurn

Post by DisabledTrucker » Sun Feb 05, 2006 9:03 pm

This will be so simple you'll wonder why it's never been mentioned before, but I have mentioned it before, it's just never been made into a tutorial until now. :P :twisted:

To start with, I'm going to assume that you know simple things here, like to place a Optical Disk into it's drive prior to complaining that you can't burn anything following these directions.

Okay first you need to go to ImgBurn's website and download and install that.

Secondly grab my copy of CDImage_Pro This definately works with MCE and XPx64 too, (there is a sperate folder for that one,) I've not tried the server O/S's but it should work for them as well, though you'll need different files for those than what's in this pack. If for some reason it doesn't work with your O/S you'll need to grab Iso Buster and "Extract" the "Microsoft_Corporation.img" and "BootCatalog.cat" files from your original holographic disk and replace those files inside the CDImage_Pro download with them.

Thirdly, open up ImgBurn and make these settings changes, you'll only have to do them once so don't worry. (That is unless you have to reinstall again.)
  • 1. Up where it says "Mode" look for "ISO" and then "Write" and click on it, this will set you up for being able to burn the ISO to CD/DVD.
    2. Minimize it, it will go into your tray when you do, there is a setting that prevents it, but this isn't a tutorial on that, look where you downloaded it for more instructions.
    3. Done
    (Simple huh?)
Fourthly, unzip CDImage_Pro.7z, (if you haven't already done so,) to your working directory, which from now on, yeppi you guessed it, will be C:\XPSP2. Inside C:\XPSP2 I'm going to assume you've created your disk there and have the folder there named VRMPFPP_EN with all the files you're going to make the ISO out of as well, so if you need to move it there do so now. or modify these instructions to your taste. Your folder structure at this point should be like:
  • C:\XPSP2
    • CDImage_Pro
      • AMD64 XPx64
      • cmpnents
        Value Add
        Support Tools
Fifthly, go ahead and take a look at the presetup.cmd file, and make any modifications you need to it. Once you've made your modifications to it, you'll save it and double click on it to start the creation process.

Sixthly, When you get the message, "All done, burn this baby now and try it out!" do just that restore ImgBurn and where it says "Source" click on the little folder and point it to "C:\XPSP2\VRMPFPP_EN.ISO" it should load up and fill in the blanks below the Source line, once it's done that, there is a button at the bottom that looks like a hard drive with an arrow pointing to a DVD, it will become colorful. Under where you see the drive information above that colorful button you will also see a check box saying "Verify", check that box. If you need to erase your disk you can do so by right clicking on the drive name above that check box and selecting it, I reccomend to always do a full erase when you're working with these ISO's. Okay now you have everything setup, go ahead and click on that pretty colorful button and let it do it's thing.

Seventhly, Your done, wasn't that easy enough? Okay from now on for any other operating systems you have to do it's the same exact process except easier, you'll only have to modify presetup.cmd to suit your needs and the "ISO Creator for WinXP Pro.cmd" file so that you're using the names of the actual disks or whatever you're wanting to call them. Save both of those files, (I highly reccomend saving "ISO Creator for WinXP Pro.cmd" to a different name so you'll have it for that O/S too and wont have to go and redo them every time,) all you have to do is open the "ISO Creator for WinXP Pro.cmd" and burn it with ImgBurn for a simple quick way of doing them.

You can find the rest of the CD names on the link in the last page of my thread at MSFN entitled [How-to] XP CD Names, Labels of Windows CD.
The link you'll be looking for is called Lables.txt. by jotnar.
It should be noted I don't check that site often so I don't know when he updates it, someone will have to check and report back if he does here so I can change the link if I don't catch it first.

If you have any questions/comments/modifications please post them below and someone will answer you, although it may not be me. :mrgreen:

Hope that someone is able to get some use out of this.
If you're having burning problems try this tried and true method, it always works, before you post that your having problems with a disk you burnt with Nero and/or nLite, redo it this way first and if it still doesn't work, you'll be able to say you did it this way and it didn't work either when you post your problems. It will help tremendously when trying to rule out other problems you may be having. :mrgreen: :D
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Post by avneet25 » Sun Feb 05, 2006 9:30 pm

wow cool.. will give it a go.. thx

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