[Release] Javier Garcia's Font Matcher Addon v1.031-070903

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[Release] Javier Garcia's Font Matcher Addon v1.031-070903

Post by Mrs Peel » Mon Mar 13, 2006 4:33 am

Another oldie but a goodie from the "Mrs Peel Freeware Graphic Utilities Collection". This is a must have for peeps who are trying to find a font on their system which matches the letter characters they have seen in a raster image. The image file you use for matching needs to be in bitmap format for this software to work and also requires the VB Runtimes are installed.

Font Matcher v1.031
LINK: MrsP_Font_Matcher_Addon_v1.031-070903
MD5: 6987C474277BC9E9A9357186F5CBD53E
Description: Match a bitmap letter image to a TTF font file
Op System: Windows 2000, XP & 2003 (x86 only)
Builddate: 2002/12/11
Language: English
Title: Font Matcher
Version: 1.031
License: Freeware
Website: http://www.terra.es/personal/infern0/
Installs to: "%programfiles%\Graphics\FontMatch"
Uninstaller: Removes program files, shortcuts, reg entries and settings
What is Font Matcher?
Haven't you ever get bored browsing your font catalog? Are you searching for a printed font and you have 9000 TTF's on your CD? Font matcher helps you do that in a few minutes.
Just get a bitmap of the letter, select your fonts directory and FontMatcher will compare each TTF with the given bitmap, giving you an exact percent of how much each font matches the given bitmap. Font Matcher is completely Freeware and is available for free downloading in any of the links below. It's made under VB 6.0, so you'll need the VB 6.0 runtimes in order to get it working (surely you already have them installed).

How do I get the bitmap? You can create the bitmap from any software you like (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photopaint, Twain scanner drivers, ...) by scanner, digital camera, hand design, ... The only thing Font Matcher needs is a .BMP file with some "not-so-special" properties (see next question).

What kind of bitmap does Font Matcher needs? Font Matcher uses 200x200 pixels bitmaps in Windows format (.BMP), in any color depth from 1 to 8 bits (B/W to 256 Grayscale). The letter to be recognised MUST be black (and I mean 100% black, althought antialiased edges are fully supported), and background MUST be white (again, 100% white, since Font Matcher scans the white areas of the bitmap to find the bounding box for that particular letter). Bitmaps in 24-bit mode won't work, and larger bitmaps will only display the top-left 200x200 pixels. I could implement a resampling method for downsampling larger bitmaps, but surely the people at Adobe or Corel have done it much better than I can do ;). Just use any photographic retouching software to get the correct .BMP file, and then use Font Matcher for your matching needs.

Does Font Matcher works with Type 1 Fonts? No. At the moment, Font Matcher only uses TTF fonts. Anyway, using Type 1 fonts (supposing you have ATM installed) shouldn't be a difficult issue, so you have two options: convert them to TTF, or mail me to ask for Type 1 support ;) If there's enough demand for that feature, I'll implement it :)

Enjoy (or not)


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Post by rickgomez2003 » Tue Oct 23, 2007 11:22 am

i appreciate your hard work please continue Thank You

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