[Release] Reboot Into Safe Mode

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[Release] Reboot Into Safe Mode

Post by MOONLIGHT SONATA » Sun Mar 19, 2006 1:00 pm

Addon Pack :: Reboot Into Safe Mode

Executable : Bootsafe.exe
Implemented As : Shell Extension
Provider: http://www.superadblocker.com/bootsafe.html
License : Freeware
Version :1.0.1002

Download Link:http://addons.ryanvm.net/moonlightsonat ... on_1.0.cab
Size : ~60 KB
MD5 : 1fd8ccd7ef3658c8f6ba952b236934db


Well, our lives are now beyond F8 after this Release.I've selected Bootsafe.exe, a freeware released by SuperAdBlocker.com, for this purpose, but in implementation, I've relied upon the well-known method of "Branding" that is prevalent in OEM Version of Windows XP,where many OEM(s) use Shell Extension to put their Brand Information, right below the "Run.." Item in Windows XP~Style Start Menu.When you integrate this addon pack and when you install Windows XP,thereafter, Unattendedly, you will find "Reboot Into Safe Mode" as a menu item in XP~style Start Menu, located just below the familiar "Run" item. Having said so, I must confess that during drafting the AddReg section, i asked myself "What's in store for those, who like me, still uses Classic Style start Menu?". As if to rescue myself out of this "UnSafe" situation, I've incorporated Shell Extension for the same in Right-Click Menu of "My Computer" which reads as [Reboot Into Safe Mode].

N.B: Sooner or later, this bootsafe.exe@SuperAdBlocker.com, will be replaced by me with a more versatile and more functional executable coming out of the Safe hands of, none other than, Yzöwl. We all know who he is, and we all are helped by his Batch Skill, one way or the other. Neither I'm a Master of Batch, nor a Slave of it even, nobody practically; but, the Nostradamus living within me, can surely predict that a lot of coding is to be done by "the man whom I admire most@MSFN" to make his executable more versatile, more functional than this released bootsafe.exe@SuperAdBlocker.com, the later has some serious limitations(not bugs) if we think Safe Mode from the perspective of Multi-Boot Scenario.Whenever he could finalise it overcoming his busy-ness, I'll update the addon pack. Till then, enjoy!

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Post by mgadallah » Thu May 11, 2006 2:29 pm

Thanks :)

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Post by RickSteele » Sun Sep 16, 2007 1:31 am


This works very well; jsut upgraded to a Gigabyte n680i mobo and no more F8 to boot into safe mode...so thanks a million.
...in txtmode WinXp gives a file copy error-the help file only; it must be put in the windows help folder manually.
Thanks again!

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