[Release] PE Tools 1.5.400.2003

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[Release] PE Tools 1.5.400.2003

Post by Aserone » Tue Apr 18, 2006 6:25 am

This one is quite old but still good for editing PE files. It includes an "optional header" checksum and "size of Image/Headers" auto calculation with one mouse click.

No shellextension is enabled by default but easy to do in the "config" menu. Instead it's added to the "SendTo" menu to easily checking/updating the checksum.

Stripped the PETools SDK (outdated), russian language and broken urls.

PE Tools v1.5.400.2003
LINK: Foxy_PETools_1.5.400.2003_Addon
MD5: EAE67907B02BBF03AD6D50207337F912
SIZE: 142 KB
Builddate: 2006-08-12
Description: Pe editor and much more
Language: English
Title: PE Tools
Version: 1.5.400.2003
License: Freeware (Source Code avalible)
Release Date: 2003-12-08
Website: http://www.uinc.ru/files/neox/PE_Tools.shtml
Installs to: "%programfiles%\Utilities\PETools"
Shortcut: Start Menu --> "Utilities\PETools.LNK"
Op System: Windows 2000, XP & 2003
This is a fully-functional utility for working with PE/PE +(64bit) files. Including: Editor PE of files, Task Viewer, Win32 PE files optimizer, detector of compiler/packer and many other things.


PE Editor
· Editing of DOS heading
· Support of new PE+(64bit) format
· CRC correction
· Viewing and editing tables of import/export

Task Viewer
· Process dump
· Dump Full
· Dump Partial
· Dump Region
· Ability to dump .NET CLR processes
· Automatic removal of protection " Anti Dump Protection "
· Change of a priority of process
· Kill process
· Loading of process into PE Editor and PE Sniffer
· Generic OEP Finder

PE Sniffer
· Search of the compiler/packer used
· Ability to update signature base
· Ability to scan directories
· PE Rebuilder
· Optimization of a PE file
· Change of PE address base of a file


Because this one is rather old I recommend MrsPeel's PEiD addon for signature scanning.

Using Mrs Peel's excellent layout with her permission (thanks!).

Have fun all!

Edit: 2006-04-20 - RyanVM hosting (thanks!)
Edit: 2006-08-14 - Updated with "SendTo" link and even more slim (14 files)
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