How do I make these?

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How do I make these?

Post by Kelsenellenelvian » Sat Jul 15, 2006 9:26 am

Making a very basic WPI addon is rather easy!

#1. Choose a program :P

#2. Make a folder and throw the program installation package in it.

#3. In notepad (Or whatever just a writing program) make a new file and put text like so in it:

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Save it as entries_example.ini

#4. Once again in notepad make a new file and follow these guidlines:

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[color=white]prog[pn]=['Example'];[/color][b]  <-- Add the programs name here![/b]
[color=white]desc[pn]=['This is where you put a basic Description'];[/color]
[color=white]uid[pn]=['Example'];[/color][b]<-- Each program MUST have its' pwn UID (Usually the same as the programs name just no spaces or characters only letters and numbers)[/b]
[color=white]dflt[pn]=['yes'];[/color] [b]<-- Selects if the program is selected to be installed by default or not (Only yes or no here)[/b]
[color=white]cat[pn]=['Example'];[/color] <-- Category the program will be displayed under in the main WPI interface.
[color=white]forc[pn]=['no'];[/color] [b]<-- Ignore this section just make sure it is in there![/b]
[color=white]configs[pn]=['yes'];[/color] [b]<-- Ignore this section just make sure it is in there![/b]
[color=white]gcond[pn]=['FileExists(\'%programfiles%\\\')'];[/color] [b]<-- Ignore this section just make sure it is in there![/b]
[color=white]cmd1[pn]=['%wpipath%\\Install\\Example.exe /SWITCHES'];[/color] [b] Leave the %wpipath\\install\\ section just add the program name and switches (With WPI switches are optional, however without switches user action is required during install.)[/b]
Save this as Example.js

#5. Now you have 3 files in you folder like so:

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Take these files and package them in a .7z, .rar or .cab format.

DO not forget to have "WPI_addons" in the name...