NOD32: how to obtain a 90-day valid license

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NOD32: how to obtain a 90-day valid license

Post by MrNxDmX » Sat Dec 02, 2006 9:37 am

This article describes the easiest way to obtain a 90-day valid NOD32 license. With the ID and Password you will get you can download a standard retail version of NOD32 and obtain the latest updates faster by using Eset's high priority servers.

Follow these steps to obtain your license:

Go to NOD32CLUB and complete the form. Don't worry if you can't read chinese, just complete the following fields with the apropriate data:
1st field: name
2nd field: e-mail (use a valid e-mail)
3rd field: retype the e-mail

The rest of the fields are optional. Don't check the checkbox unless you want NOD32 newsletters (or spam in chinese)!

Press the left button for submitting the data. The second button is in case you don't receive a serial number in less then 30 minutes. If you don't then refill the form with the same data as you did before and press this button instead of the sumission button.

You will have to wait for the e-mail for about 30 minutes or less.

Note: be sure to check the bulk/spam folder too as most e-mail providers consider this as junk and it won't reach your inbox!

The e-mail that you will get from NOD32CLUB contains a Serial Number marked with red-underlined text. For those that want to know, the email contains instructions on how to obtain the ID and Password from the Serial Number but the whole process is in chinese only so that's why you don't need the rest of its contents.

The next step is to apply for an ID and Password using the Serial Number you got. Go to NOD32 Hong Kong registration page and complete the form. Just the first four fields are required. You can leave the rest as they are. As you can see the form is in both chinese and english so it's easyer to understand.

In a few minutes you will recive an e-mail containing an ID and Password valid for 90 days. You can go to Eset and download from the Download Purchased Software page the standard variant of the latest version 2 NOD32 available! When you install NOD32 be sure to enter the ID and Password when you are required to do so!

Note: There is a restriction to one valid Serial Number/ID per e-mail. If you reapply for a new ID then the former one will be deactivated!


I got mine :D

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Post by UtCollector » Sat Dec 02, 2006 7:54 pm

Thanks for telling :D

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Post by greenonx » Sun Dec 03, 2006 7:28 am

good news for nod useres,thanks :D

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Post by rado354 » Sun Dec 03, 2006 2:42 pm

Good to know!

Keep these offers going guys :D

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