[Release] M. Yamaguchi's Y'z Shadow Addon v1.9-070918

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[Release] M. Yamaguchi's Y'z Shadow Addon v1.9-070918

Post by Mrs Peel » Mon Sep 17, 2007 9:24 am

I came across this utility as I was googling for help with the problem I posted about here because it has a feature which you can set to stop windows opening with their titlebar beneath the taskbar when you have it situated at the top of your screen.

This is of course not the the primary purpose of this desktop utility (which has sadly fallen into the realms of abandonware now), but I am sure there are many of you who will enjoy it for it's intended purpose - which is to pretty up your desktop appearance.

Because this was not my own purpose however, I have only given this the minimal amount of pre-configuration to solve my particular problem and the rest you will have to configure for yourselves.

Y'z Shadow v1.9
LINK: MrsP_Yz_Shadow_Addon_v1.9-070918
MD5: D69192236173C64696A137A615510587
SIZE: 186 KB
Description: Create shadow effects and menu transparency
Op System: Windows 2000, XP & 2003 (x86 only)
Builddate: 2002/09/30
Language: Multi-language
Title: Y'z Shadow
Version: 1.9
License: Freeware
Website: http://www.winmatrix.com/forums/index.p ... topic=1161
Installs to: "%programfiles%\Desktop\YzShadow"
Uninstaller: Removes program files, shortcuts, reg entries and settings
Y'z Shadow
Y'z Shadow adds a shadow effect to the windows in pursuit of the "beauty of a shadow". It also allows the user the option of making menus transparent.

* Attaches a drop shadow to the windows.
* Makes it possible to select one type of shadow effect in the active window and a different one in the inactive window.
* The user can choose to have transparent menus. There is also the option of selecting the degree of transparency in the menus.
* Add a drop shadow to the menus.
* Add a drop shadow to the taskbar.
* The width, depth, etc. of the drop shadows can all be set to your liking in the settings dialog.
* It works correctly with either WindowsXP styles or classic style.
* The user can specify application windows that you wish to exclude from having the drop shadow effect.
* The user can choose a setting that will automatically adjust your windows so they do not overlap or interfere with the taskbar.
* Available in different languages (Japanese and English).
Sorry, no screenshot available at this time

Enjoy (or not)

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