Modify the SETUP.EXE menu.

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Modify the SETUP.EXE menu.

Post by BuildSmart » Wed May 07, 2008 2:01 pm

Well, I rumor has it that this file can't be modified or is too much trouble to modify and that it is suggested that using VBScript and a little bloat is easier to program if you want a custom menu.

Well, I used IDA Pro disassembler and decompiled the application.

On my first test I removed the "Install .NET Framework" entry and replaced it with another utility (the total lenght of the entry increased by three characters) since I've integrated the .NET 2.0 as a service pack, recompiled to binary format and viola, a customized setup.exe.

On to my second test, I removed the support tools entry in the hopes that it would not leave the little icon and a blank line, recompiled and viola, the menu was one entry shorter and no visible signs that it had one removed.

Seems they do the menu in two pages and this can be changed to be as many pages as required by increasing the page count byte and the page table which consists of the following details (I tested this), a byte to represent the entry count for the page, a byte that tells it how long each text string is (I made a macro for it so I only have to enter the string and don't need to know it's length) and a corresponding entry in the command table.

It now appears that modification of this menu isn't that difficult afterall.

This means you can make a truely customized installer and personalize it with your own options.

I'm not sure if posting the source is OK so if someone around here with authority (Ryan) tells me it's OK I'll post it.

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Post by bober101 » Fri Jul 18, 2008 7:25 am

ive managed to edit it simply with reshacker.
XP theme source patcher
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