Seeking a worthy alternative to EAC

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Seeking a worthy alternative to EAC

Post by marzsyndrome » Sat Jun 23, 2012 1:08 pm

The problem with EAC - despite its great ripping engine - is its lack of proper portability and also lack of support for dynamic encoder paths.

So I'm asking around to see if anyone can point out another CD ripper that:

1) supports external encoders rather than just DLLs.
2) supports a "portable mode" of sorts (no writing to the registry).
3) supports paths like ".\", "..\" "%SystemRoot%", and/or even acknowledge the global PATH setting in a Windows environment. (In short, no relying on hardcoded exact paths involving drive letters.)
4) has just as many options as EAC.
5) can rip as accurately as EAC.

Any suggestions? I hate to think EAC is the only one that truly matters, on account of the author's sort-of-stubborness.

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Post by crashfly » Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:11 pm

It is an older freeware program, but I think "Audiograbber" still counts as a great 'ripping' program. It can be located here:

As I do not use EAC, I do not know what options it has. Never tried to use "environment variables", but it could be tested for easily on "Audograbber". In addition, it supports any external encoder you have. Although it is a 32bit program, I have it linked to a more recent 64bit 'lame' encoder. Still works great on "Windows".
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