Problem with the integrator

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Problem with the integrator

Post by colornokia » Thu Aug 10, 2006 10:27 am

I decided to make a bulgarian addon, which will make the main part of windows to bulgarian. I decided to make it like addon, so today i translated intl.inf and coded an addon for auto translate via [ExtraFileEdits]. When i tested i realised that the integrator updates the file but didn't made any changes (i have 2 files before this one, which were changed). So i cuted of everything but one line (the last one). And suprise again the file was updated but no changes. Probably it's to long but i don't know realy. Then i decided to cut off few of the last lines of intl.inf and save them as intl.inf-it worked like it should. Siginet is there a known limitation of the size of the file which will be edit or this is something like a bug.

The line in entries.ini:

PS:Using version 1.4.1

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