Odd problem with self-made update pack.

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Odd problem with self-made update pack.

Post by jukkis83 » Mon Feb 01, 2010 7:36 am


I wanted to create an updated Win XP Home (finnish) source but I'm having trouble integrating post sp3 patches to the cd.

I have the original SP1 source which I slipstreamed to SP3 with Nlite. After about 20 or so hours of confusion I realized, that I had to build everything myself 'cos of the finnish language and NOT to use win7 while doing it. So I successfully got wmp11, IE8, and .net frameworks integrated to the cd.

The problem is, that when I tried to use DXUPAC.EXE update creator for the post sp3 files, the XP install fails because it cant find some files in the cd. (exFAT.sys etc). I downloaded all the kb updates directly from Microsoft and used the tool and no errors were shown. But still, the XP wont install if I use the post sp3 files. Its funny that the same tool worked with IE8 just fine. I have the same problem if I use the original RyanVM update pack but that is probably because of the different language files.

I used Nlite and Ryans integrator for the job. Whats the problem here?

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