Hungarian translate pack

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Hungarian translate pack

Post by perfect555 » Wed Jun 14, 2006 5:28 pm

I'm need help for translate or download this pack in Hungarian lang.

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Post by mastodon » Wed Jul 26, 2006 2:02 pm

Szerintem nincsen, de a sima RVM update lehet, hogy jó, legfeljebb egyes ablakokban angol nyelvű üzenetek jelennek meg.
I think, it is not have been made yet, but the RVM pack could be good for you. But some of the windows messages will be in Engilsh.

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Post by dBLOOD » Thu Aug 17, 2006 1:14 am

The problem is with the updates. Those must be the hungarian ones, not the eng ones. I got some of them, which was needed for my box.
A baj a frissítésekkel van. S magyar frissítések kellenek, nem az angol nyelvűek. Nekel megvan pár, ami kellett a gépemhez.


Post by joco1114 » Wed Aug 23, 2006 8:22 am

dBLOOD: I will try to download and integrate into the updatepack. PM me!