chinese 4gb+ ram extender tool - isnt working

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chinese 4gb+ ram extender tool - isnt working

Post by anu615 » Thu May 05, 2016 8:58 pm


somewhere here i found some small exe form china that auto removes pae (i think) and extends xp to see my 8gb of ram

well that app realy does something, in xp i do realy see 8gb, BUT actualy it is same ~4, why ? first i noticed then app warned that system is out of ram, i checked it was using not more then 4 (3.6 i think)

then i tryed to force to use other 4 gbs, started another one ram eater, no improvements, just xp started to lag teribly, and warn about out of ram (swap fixed to 500mb)

restarted, and i tryed to create ramdisk, it didnt alowed me to create more then ~2gb disk, and it doesnt alowed to make the, more

all this thing leads to that chincece patch is FALSE

do not use it, it doesnt works, and even worse windows starts teribly lag then out of ram (without patch windows just doesnt lag, warns and closes apps or something) but with this patch they just starts freezing..

i did not used 4gb patch that is awailable here somhere from comunity ( ... BsTTA#list ), cause im not realy shure how to aply it corectly and will it work (not fake 8gbs ?)?

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