What is One Core API and Shorthorn?

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What is One Core API and Shorthorn?

Post by Zephyr » Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:54 am

I have discovered an intriguing project that should be especially interesting to Dibya. According to the official Readme of the One Core API project at Github "One-Core-API is a compatibility layer to run native programs of XP/2003 and incompatible programs and designed for upper Windows versions, like Windows Vista+." OK, nothing to get excited about if you are an XP diehard, but posts at the Reactos forum suggest that it is intended to add support for NT6 applications under XP/2003 which is the opposite way round. Here is the official announcement of the One Core API project at the Reactos website:

There is a project called One-Core-API, this is a compatibility layer for WinXP/2003 to implement NT6 application compatibility.

Our plans is to make NT5.x OS'es be compatible with most NT6-only applications.
Another intriguing project that is an offshoot of One Core API is Shorthorn and you can go to their official website here http://shorthornproject.com/index.html. Here are some of the features that they claim Shorthorn offers:
A sub-project to provide compatibility with newer apps, based on wine and reactos

Shorthorn Builds
Compiled builds based on Longhorn features introduced on Server 2003

Windows Vista/Longhorn was/is very beautiful. You can get it on Server 2003

Ported Applications
You can enjoy exclusive Vista+ application directly on your XP/Server 2003.

Kernel Mod
Several drivers need new functions, and we can run with kernel modded.

Ported Drivers
Sounds very exciting. Who wants to go first by testing it out?
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Re: What is One Core API and Shorthorn?

Post by Dibya » Thu May 24, 2018 1:19 am

Creator of one core api is my friend for long time .. I am aware of it . Specially i am a tester of this project.

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