Someone make updated IE8 addon?

Windows XP Professional Update Pack discussion.
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Someone make updated IE8 addon?

Post by shorterxp » Tue Jun 18, 2019 8:37 am


I am unfamiliar with add on creation and I'm sure someone inclined in this can do it on 'no time' or that someone may be interested in such a pack.

Scope of objective

(Assume target system has automatic updates disabled/removed).
At present, people should have to do the following to a clean XP Pro SP2 Source:
-Add official SP3
-Add XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack
-Add XPSP3 QFE_POSReady,
AFAIK this is the correct order if using nlite. Additionally for IE8 functionality:
-Add some IE8 add on (preferably last - so I read)

The most recent IE8 add on, that I can find, was last edited 2014 - this one.
However microsoft has released newer IE8 (POS2009) updates since 2014.

Code: Select all

ie8-mui-x86-enu.exe < may be included in 2014 pack
ie8-windowsxp-kb2598845-x86-enu.exe < is included in 2014 pack
ie8-windowsxp-kb2888505-x86-enu.exe < is included in 2014 pack
ie8-windowsxp-kb4493435-x86-embedded-enu.exe < cumulative update released 2019, not included
So really this 2014 addon needs to be updated to include pos updates- kb4493435 is definately not in XPSP3 QFE_POSReady.
Maybe someone can make a new update pack comprising latest cumulative updates?

A non-IE8 related kb4019276 is included in XPSP3 QFE POSReady - It enables TLS system wide; manual import of registry keys is necessary to enable it fully (details on RyanVM). Ability for visual tick boxes was added in cumulative IE8 update kb4316682 (30/5/2018), later superseded by kb4493435 (5/4/2019), the one shown above. All IE8 addon packs to date lack this update.
I have no intention on installing IE8, tick boxes in Internet Options merely facilitates control of TLS (registry key import also works but this is unintutive). I intend to update XP and integrate IE8 - however simultaneously remove IE8 altogether as I use a much better browser k-meleon. Although Kmeleon has its own TLS ecryption tunnel enabled, some apps on XP require updated TLS system wide regardless.

And so, imo the only way to enable visual tick boxes is to install XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack + XPSP3 QFE_POSReady + (updated) IE8 addon.
EDIT / UPDATE: On a test install I managed to get the boxes to show even w/o IE8 installed. Whether or not the tick boxes are functional is for another discussion but atleast this acts as confirmation.
To achieve this, here were Hotfixes that were manually added individually (with nlite):

Code: Select all

Seperately, general observation about XPSP3 QFE POSReady (last updated 17/09/2018). Its missing minor updates, for example:
SSE related kb4473077 (7/12/2018) which superseded kb4463361 (5/10/2018).
Windows Installer related KB4486464 (3/2/2019) eclipsed kb4340937 (10/8/2018).
kb4500331 (7/12/2018) isn't included either.

Does @5eraph intend to update XPSP3 QFE_POSReady in future?

Note: throughout this post date fromat is DD/MM/YYYY, contrary to MS Update catalogue MM/DD/YYYY.

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Re: Someone make updated IE8 addon?

Post by shorterxp » Tue Aug 18, 2020 10:08 am

Solved See this Post

Thanks to Dibya

Alternative link mirror

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Re: Someone make updated IE8 addon?

Post by Zephyr » Tue Aug 25, 2020 4:40 am

I have submitted my own final builds of the IE8 addon which have properly revised ie.inf. My post with links is here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=10482&start=100#p157955

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