Trouble with INF File with sfx/unattended install with optio

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Trouble with INF File with sfx/unattended install with options

Post by lqdwax » Mon May 12, 2008 10:22 pm

Hello All:
I have been trying to make a variety of unattended install items. I have been using winrar sfx with .inf files because I want to tailor some of the install options. Below is an install for dvd shrink 3.2 all i want to do is install with no desktop or quick launch icons and I want the "dvdshrink" program folder shortcut to be placed in a newly created folder on the start menu called "DVD VIDEO-AUDIO"(I am not yelling that is just how the folder is named, with all caps).
Below is the .inf

Dir=C:\Program Files\DVD Shrink

I Then setup winrar SFX and in the comment section i enter this

Setup=dvdshrink32setup.exe /VERYSILENT /LOADINF="dvdshrink32setup.inf"

I dont understand I have done this before and I dont know what is wrong this time. I have a bunch of programs with pretty similar options and I cant get them to uninstall. By the way I double checked everything using "Cmenu" This is really driving me crazy. As Always the help is Greatly APpreciated.THANKS. thanks.

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Post by J.C. » Fri May 23, 2008 3:59 am

no offense meant if you already considered this.
just a few guiding questions:

1. did you verify that dvdshrink32setup.exe is an Inno installer and support those switches?

2. does dvdshrink32setup.exe actualy lets you choose the program menu group ?
(the developer can block use of this switch)

3. did you try extracting dvdshrink32setup.exe with 7-zip or Universal Extractor and examaning the install script ?

i often found editing the installer script and using Inno setup to recompile it gives more options to customize.
(of course if you find a CompiledCode.bin you're out of luck)

Universal Extractor
Inno Setup

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Post by ELiTE » Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:32 am

If "dvdshrink32setup.exe" is an INNO installer you will have to unpack the installer and edit the INNO setup script by adding:
DefaultGroupName=DVD VIDEO-AUDIO\DVD Shrink
This needs to be inserted right below:
DefaultDirName={pf}\APP NAME HERE
You can edit the INNO setup script to install the app and create shortcuts exactly where you want them. Use "Inno Setup Unpacker 0.20" to unpack the latest installers. Use the latest version of INNO to pack it back up. You will need to have "INNO Setup" installed on your rig in order to edit the script. All INNO setup scripts have built in errors to hinder or prevent reverse engineering. You will need to edit these out before you can successfully recompile the app.
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Post by ricktendo64 » Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:38 am

Here is a ConvertXtoDVD inno setup editing guide that will help you understand more of what ELiTE is trying to tell you ... 17831.html

Install universal extractor
Update innounp.exe in the "%ProgramFiles%\Universal Extractor\bin" directory
Unpack the installer and follow the tutorials and recommendations from these guys here in this topic

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