raid and sata drivers ( more technical question )

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raid and sata drivers ( more technical question )

Post by Haradeas » Sat Jul 03, 2010 6:42 pm

I always slipstreamed only the needed sata and raid drivers ( atm for my hp laptop and my desktop pc with a p5E asus motherboard )

Then I saw the site " " mentioned here on this forum.

I am long time user of xp pro ( dont get me started about vista or 7 haha :p ) and I was wondering. If I do take that general pack of that site and slipstream it instead of my usual sata and raid driver... what would happen ?

1) Is it possible xp will take a " 70% working half baked driver" ( of the general driverpack ) that looks like the right driver but is not but installs it anyhow ? ( to get trouble after a while ).

2) Depending on the answer on "1)" do you get far more benefit from getting the specific driver for your pc / laptop.

Just to be clear purely talking about raid and sata drivers ( so no graphic card or other kinds )

I hope someone can enlighten me on this matter :) ( wondering this since god know how long :p )

Many thx in advance :)

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