about the update packs

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about the update packs

Post by sid » Thu Dec 01, 2005 1:18 pm

just came across this site and the update pack looks pretty neat...So if i have an XP pro disc which has SP2 built into it and once i integerate this update pack does it make my XP disc up2date to all the patches/hotfixes which have been released since SP2?? askin this because there is an unofficial SP3 doin the rounds on many websites and when u compare the sizes of that and Ryan's patch the SP3 is way bigger?
anyone know abt the differences in these 2 distributions?

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Post by keytotime » Thu Dec 01, 2005 5:54 pm

Ryan's is better


Post by ViVa » Thu Dec 01, 2005 6:07 pm

Hehe I wanted to say the same as keytotime, but I couldn't find arguments so I didn't reply. I remember a previous discussion about this on this board, try the search function if you want to know why Ryan's Pack is better.

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Post by dgelwin » Thu Dec 01, 2005 6:17 pm

the other pack, mainly places all the hotfix setup files in svcpack directory using the microsoft /integrate switch( which some idiot at microsoft misnamed it should have been silent install switch) and that why the pack and your result xp disc is bigger, ryans pack, directly places all needed files in your i386 directory replacing older ones, and actually not fakely but actually integrating the hotfixes into your xp sp2 disc, result, smaller pack (because he has only files and settings not un-needed setups and setup scripts) and smaller final cd, because updated files replace older ones.

hope this helps :D
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Post by ViVa » Thu Dec 01, 2005 6:24 pm

Which also implies a faster installation of Windows, since the integration took already place. :P

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Post by RyanVM » Thu Dec 01, 2005 6:28 pm

The advantages to using my update pack are right at the top of the main update pack page ;)
  1. Direct integration means that all hotfixed files are integrated into your CD from the start. No need to worry about your computer being insecure in the time prior to the installation of hotfixes.
  2. This pack adds the necessary registry entries Windows Update and qfecheck look for when checking if a hotfix is properly installed.
  3. This pack installs the needed Security Catalogs for the hotfixed files so that Windows File Protection recognizes and protects them.
  4. This pack requires little extra space on the CD, especially when compared to other integration methods.
  5. This pack does not require an unattended installation CD in order to work.
  6. This pack is supported by nLite 1.0RC2 for automatic integration.

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Post by sid » Thu Dec 01, 2005 7:21 pm

cool, thnx guys

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Post by buletov » Sat Dec 03, 2005 7:51 am

You're welcome. :)
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Post by thuun » Tue Dec 06, 2005 7:58 pm

you're not even supposed to install all those "sp3" hotfixes at once...
...anyway, it's just a collection of patches from god knows where.
Ryan's done his homework.

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